The Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

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In today’s guest post he discusses a very important topic that has already transformed lives of numerous people around the world, the Law of Attraction.

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Over to you , Justin.

I have been a huge fan of the law of attraction for over a decade now.

Granted there is a lot of disinformation out there in regards to the law of attraction and along the way I have discovered what works and what doesn’t work.

Deliberate Creation Robert Anthony

Before the famous movie: The Secret,  there was Dr. Robert Anthony. Dr. Anthony has spent over 30 years researching the law of attraction and I consider him one of the best in the business.

The fact is, abundance is a normal condition. When you don’t have abundance you are moving against the universe rather than with it.

You are focused on staying alive rather than deliberately creating what you would like. Instead you are unconsciously producing what you don’t want.

Break through the common mode of survival to convincing both your logical or conscious mind and your subconscious mind of the benefits of going toward what you want instead of away from what you don’t want.

Break through this default mode of survival to convincing both your rational or conscious mind and your subconscious mind of the advantages of going toward what you would like instead of away from the things you don’t want.

But , the subconscious mind doesn’t like change.

Brain Waves
The subconscious mind doesn’t like change.

So obviously right now you are alive, you are surviving right?

If that is so then your subconscious mind will resist all changes you make even if it will improve your life.

Once you go ahead and implement those changes, the abundance will flow into your life effortlessly. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on you will get.

Recognize I stated what you focus on. I did not state what you would like or need or desire.

If you find yourself focused on the fact that you do not have sufficient cash, if you are constantly stressing about this and thinking about it than that is where your attention is and that is the reality you will experience.

Your survival program operates against you.  Your mind, specifically your subconscious mind, wants you to stay alive. That’s its primary purpose. It doesn’t worry if you do well or fall short or if you might be wealthy or poor.

Staying alive means remaining the same or going after what is already known to you, even though it is unpleasant or fails to serve you anymore.

Unless you escape through this, there is not much hope of transforming your life for the better.

You probably have spent a lot of money during your life on personal growth products and still your life hasn’t changed very much. Sure, maybe you gave up some bad habits, or lost weight etc. The question remains, has your life at least headed in the direction you prefer?

The point is very simple.

People are still paying attention to what they don’t possess and the Law of Attraction proceeds to produce more of this “not having enough” back to us. It’s all about habits and continually focusing on not having enough.What do you continually think about?

When you find yourself paying attention to what you don’t have, or what it is not functioning, ask yourself, is this thought, feeling or emotion getting me exactly what I would like?

In order to cease concentrating on what you don’t desire,  you must convince yourself that, this particular thought is actually hurting you.

The reason you don’t believe that it is hurting you is mainly because of the time delay between cause and effect.If you could produce the effects of the end results of your thought now and realize that it’s all occurring right now, even though you do not experience the results until afterwards,

you would by no means entertain any thoughts that are not in alignment with what you desire.

You are setting up your life unconsciously by staying in default mode as opposed to consciously living in design mode.

Most of the time you are blocking the deliberate creation process because your conscious messages and your unconscious messages are in conflict.

In most cases you are hindering the deliberate creation process mainly because your conscious messages and your unconscious messages are in a struggle.

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe. In particular, how and why things in our Universe work the way they do.Science is the study of how why and something does what it does.

Law of attraction is as simple as what you focus on is what you perceive in your reality. If you focus on injustices in the world, more injustices will show up. On a personal level if you focus on lack and scarcity, that is what will keep appearing in your life too.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to use the laws of the Universe to purposefully create the life you desire?

Bashar on Creating/Receiving Your Reality

A radio does not have to create the program it wishes to hear.  It merely needs to receive an already-existing program.

And it makes itself an effective receiver by matching frequencies, synchronizing frequencies and creating a similarity of vibrations with the program it wishes to receive.

Likewise, you don’t have to create the reality you desire, because it already exists among the infinite probable realities all simultaneously co-existing.  All you have to do is make yourself an effective antenna, so that by similarity of vibrations, you can receive that reality. And this makes it physiologically real for you.

First, you have to be that vibration. Then, you automatically receive that reality. You must see the reality you prefer as now existing in the moment.  Then it will become tangible in your outer reality.

A radio uses a channel tuner to select and receive any one particular station out of all the programs that simultaneously exist all around the radio. Likewise, there are infinite probable realities that we could receive and experience at any moment.

How do we select which one of these we wish to pull to the foreground to experience?

We select and receive specific versions of reality by our beliefs. We select and receive by our 100% trust in what we know is so.

Here’s the physics of how this works.


Just as a radio must first vibrate at a particular frequency in order to receive the one particular broadcast that happens to be vibrating at that same frequency. Likewise each belief gets you vibrating at a unique set of frequencies.

These frequencies then attract, by sympathetic resonance, those holograms vibrating on the same frequencies.

Out of the background universal matrix of infinite possible holograms those holograms and symbols that synchronistically vibrate at the same frequencies as the frequencies of your belief get pulled out from this matrix and received by you as the actual external physical experiences that you then sense as real that you sense as objective reality.


Einstein’s theory proved that all matter whether it is an elephant or a rock, when broken down was all made of the same energy. And within any physical object is an energetic frequency.

So let’s take money as an example.

Money has an energetic frequency so all you have to do is align with that frequency and money will be attracted to you, or more simply put, you will tune into the frequency where money exists.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind does almost everything for you automatically. That is why you can drive your car for an hour and not recall most of the ride.

However, many people have negative beliefs in their subconscious mind that work against the reality they really want. In order to reprogram your subconscious mind it needs to be in the “Theta State.”

The Theta State grants us full access into the subconscious mind which allows for us to make the changes we desire. You see, the conscious mind acts as “the gatekeeper” to our subconscious mind which is a good thing.

If we didn’t have this conscious gatekeeper than we would be prone to suggestion from people who may or may not have our best interests at heart.

Meditation is one way to achieve Theta states.

If you find it hard to mediate than do a search on the internet about Theta brainwave music. You can find some free ones on You Tube and you can also buy Theta brainwave entrainment CD’s and MP3’s. While you’re in the Theta Brainwave , allow yourself to open up to the life you really want to experience.

As you open your heart and your mind to these desires they will eventually become rooted in your subconscious mind.

Remember to only focus on the things, the people, and the experiences you truly want to experience.

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