Take the First Step – Because that’s the Hardest

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Walking Steps

Wanting to quit your job and start a new business? Waiting to apologize to someone who means a lot?

Struggling to begin a workout regime that you have been dreaming for many years?

Desperate to spend time on your favourite hobby but feel there is less bandwidth amidst the busy daily schedule?

In personal life, workplace and everything else ,the most difficult thing to do isTaking the first step.

I have seen many who spend hours thinking of something that they would love to do but it never transforms into an action, rather remains only in their thoughts,never materializes.

What is easy to think, is not easy to do – is the cliché. This is just an excuse that one would give to prove the lack of perseverance.

When you think of something, it means you are interested in it. If this thought is frequent, then it is desired by you or it is a passion that is undercover awaiting to be unleashed.

Recognise These Two Secret Enemies

Whenever we intend to do something we encounter few secret enemies. They are always waiting to tear us apart:

Firstly, unwarranted consciousness of what others would think if you were to do it. This is the first enemy who is at the door step. Be true to yourself and think if you really desire it, which should be the cause for you to do it, not others.

Secondly, a self-doubt issue or negative auto-suggestions- will I be successful if I do this? Will I get the result that I foresee if I begin this?.

I would not say don’t expect results, but don’t try to foresee so accurately what would transpire if you do it. Make your best efforts and the results will follow. The result will be either a success at the attempt or definitely a guaranteed satisfaction that you did your best.,if you have been true to yourself.

Procrastination, this is Your Real Enemy, period

Finally, the assassin of all – procrastination. Millions of leaders, politicians, artists, writers and stars have been drowned in the drain due to procrastination. Those who have managed to escape this assassin have been known to the real world.

Now that we know the core issue, where lies the solution? It is right in you. Quit the big picture if it doesn’t seem encouraging. Look at the first dot, then connect few more. Gradually you will see the picture develop but the key lies in starting the first dot. This is the easiest way to address the so called complex goals.

To reach anywhere, you need to begin somewhere.

I would recite this quote to end this article:  If you do what is necessary, what is possible, then you will definitely end up doing the impossible.

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