9 Personal Development Books You Can’t Afford To Miss (Heard About Goldmines?)

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There are countless books on personal development topics. All of those personal development books or guides have some message in them that motivates you and inspires you. But to me, a great book is something that has sheer force to create a fire inside you to take an immediate action. A great book also opens your eyes and clears the dust on a common misconception which you believed since your childhood. Good book makes you powerful and confident.


One Month Later – Meditating With OmHarmonics Meditation Music

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This is my follow-up post on my personal experiences with meditation and meditation audio tracks. I am also sharing a guided meditation video link in this article. Calmness ahead !!


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How I Experienced Hidden Powers of Meditation With These Wonderful Audio Tracks

For years, I conveniently avoided meditation, not because I underestimated their benefits, but I felt meditation is boring. I always felt, meditation is, waking up early at 4 am, putting a yoga mat on the floor and doing deep breathing. I did initiate few threads of yoga, but couldn’t really stick to them. As I […]

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I said No, I am happy now

The Incredible Benefits of Saying No

Stuck in habit of saying ‘yes’? Is saying ‘yes’ to everything good or bad? What are the real consequences when you say yes to everything. Find out this short and interesting article which explores the habit of saying ‘yes’ and presents you the benefits of saying ‘No’

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6 Smart Ways You Can Bring Amazing Changes Within Yourself – Practical Words Of Wisdom From A Cosmetic Surgeon

Get ready for your personal transformation journey. Don’t miss this essay from a Cosmetic Surgeon who is also a personal development enthusiasist. He shares with us, 6 smart ways you can bring amazing changes within yourself.

Readers, enjoy this amazing post by Dr. Kamal Murdia.

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Planetnaveen Highlights of 2012

looking back I am back !! It has been over 4 months since I wrote on this blog. It was tough for me to find time for blogging for some time. Many thanks to the guest writers who kept this blog going with their wonderful guest posts. As we are ready to embrace the new […]

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You Are Free

Wherever you are right now – whether in a dysfunctional relationship, in a job that sucks, stuck in a difficult family situation, you are free. Yes, you are. You can choose to disconnect with what you don’t want. You can choose to connect with what you want. You can choose to do everything you want – in your own situation without any excuses.

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How do you Unplug and How Should You Use Your Time Online?

When is too much internet? You know it’s too much when you don’t really get much out of being online. The internet is supposed to be a convenient way to get information and to complete processes. But if you get more negative effects compared to the benefits, then, you are spending way too much time in front of the computer. What are these negative effects?

Check out the guest post from Jorge Blanco.

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Live in the moment

How To Live in The Moment

Living in the moment seems like a pipe-dream, but it can be the exact prescription you need to regain your motivation and work productivity. Simply slowing down throughout your day to enjoy small moments can help you remember what it is you’re
working for in the first place. Here are 6 tips to help you do just that.

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Looking For a Boost in Self-Confidence? Time to Lace Up Your Running Shoes!

Underestimating side-benefits of excercising? Here is a guest article from Juha, who presents us with solid points on how physical excercise has incredible impact on self-confidence level of an individual.

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50 Things To Do Before You Die

50 Things to Do Before You Die

A bucket list is a list of things that you wish to accomplish before you die.

It could be dreams you want to fulfill, life experiences you wish to try out and goals you want to achieve.

By coming up with this bucket list, we are constantly reminded of the things we want to achieve instead of wasting time on pointless activities. We feel charged and enthusiastic to pursue what matters to us.

Enjoy this guest post from Jesslyn.

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Keys To Happiness

7 Keys To True Happiness

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is postponing happiness. Being happy is something that you can decide right here, right now, this instant.

It really is a choice and a decision that you can make. Life really is too short to live any other way.

Randy McLean shares the 7 keys that will help to make this life changing decision easier for you.

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