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Planetnaveen Highlights of 2012

I am back !! It has been over 4 months since I wrote on this blog. It was tough for me to find time for blogging for some time. Many thanks to the guest writers who kept this blog going with their wonderful guest posts.

As we are ready to embrace the new year 2013, I decided to compile few key highlights of this blog. I truly thank you for being such a lovely reader and supporter of

Here are few key highlights of this blog in 2012

Best posts of 2012

20 Tips To Reverse Your Trend of Failure And Succeed Finally Read Full Article

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You Are Free

Wherever you are right now – whether in a dysfunctional relationship, in a job that sucks, stuck in a difficult family situation, you are free. Yes, you are. You can choose to disconnect with what you don’t want. You can choose to connect with what you want. You can choose to do everything you want – in your own situation without any excuses.

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How do you Unplug and How Should You Use Your Time Online?

When is too much internet? You know it’s too much when you don’t really get much out of being online. The internet is supposed to be a convenient way to get information and to complete processes. But if you get more negative effects compared to the benefits, then, you are spending way too much time in front of the computer. What are these negative effects?

Check out the guest post from Jorge Blanco.

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