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Productivity Improvement Series – The Myths and Dangers of Multitasking

We all are living in a world where complex tasks need to be done to make life simple. It’s all about simplifying the user experience and making life more comfortable. I hope I don’t need to give examples of such tasks since the list seems to be enormous in length and it applies to anything which involves creation, service or support.

Having said that, whatever may be the the nature of tasks and whatever the level of automation applied, there is a human hand/mind that actually drives these tasks ahead and only few people manage to achieve tremendous amount of success in tasks compared to others who often miss deadlines, produce poor quality results. Read Full Article

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You Will Never Fail in any Job Interview After Reading these Interview Tips

Without any doubt, a job interview is most important meeting/discussion in one’s professional life and succeeding in an interview depends on lot of factors, not necessarily only upon the skill set of the person attending the interview. The aim of this article is to unearth the untold secrets for succeeding in any interview and provide a comprehensive guide on how to answer interview questions. Just hang on.

I gathered and organized these tips from my experiences as an interview candidate and as an interviewer :-) Read Full Article

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