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Life is beautiful and actually most of the life's challenges are very simple. We make them complicated not by misunderstanding them but by missing to see their details.  If we pay attention to their details, we will discover that life has so many wonderful things to offer us.  It has success, fame and much more to offer us. It has hidden treasures. Life is really beautiful.

It’s just that we need to observe life’s details and discover the hidden treasures.

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t try to discover life. They just sail along with the life. They create a layer of self limitation around them  and try adjusting themselves to the situation. They chase happiness but fail to recognize it when it comes in front of them. They live life in fear thier life lacks most important ingredient, self satisfaction.

Winning Ideas for a Wonderful Life is a book with ideas to address above challenges.

What's inside this book?

Within this book , you will find valuable information about two important aspects about our life. Success and living a content life. There 23 ideas in this book which are explained in detail.

Table of Contents


Liberate yourself from fear
Everyone is passionate at something. Let your passion enrich your life
Discover the potential of your talent and make your living life out of it
Have enthusiasm to learn new things
Learn effective communication
Make a habit of waking up early
Develop habit of reading great books
Work when you are at work
Don’t work for Money
Meet and learn from people who run a business of any form
Avoid getting trapped in debt
Honesty Pays

Living a content life

Life is fast, it’s a myth. Take time to enjoy every moment of life
Remove stress from your life
Better late than never
Health is wealth
Visit Museums and understand history
Experience happiness by creating something of your own
Develop a hobby and nurture it
Offer free service
Focus on 3 things: Learning, Health and Family




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