4 Tips to Stay Positive Around Negative People

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Coping with negative people on a regular basis can be stressful and challenging. It’s hard enough maintaining a positive outlook without having someone else unload all of their complaints, worries, and stresses on you. The key to combating someone’s negativity is preparation, so make sure you have a few coping skills at your disposal.

Establish Boundaries

Negative people often put down others, and they’re quick to highlight someone’s shortcomings rather than their positive attributes. When you find yourself on the receiving end of a litany of complaints or derogatory remarks about someone, clearly inform the person that you have no wish to participate in that type of discussion. It might seem easier to agree with them. That way, you can avoid prolonging an uncomfortable discussion, but this is a mistake.

Agreeing with them will only enable them and give them the impression that you approve of their behaviour.??Instead of passively listening, tell them that you don’t like talking about others behind their backs. Tell them that you would rather discuss any problems directly with the person in question.

People respond better to respect than they do to hostility, so don’t be confrontational by turning the insults around on them. The person may not realise how negative they’re until you respond to their negativity with a fair and respectful attitude.

Don’t Let Their Views Become Your Views

Sometimes, it’s easy to influence your perceptions of other people. If the coworker you spend all day with does nothing but complain about the boss, then you might start channelling your irritation with your coworker toward your boss. Whenever you find yourself struggling with these negative feelings, ask yourself when the feelings started.

If they started before your coworker expressed their complaints, then you definitely have some legitimate issues with your boss. If the feelings didn’t spring up until after you spoke with your coworker, then you may be adopting your coworker’s views.

Being aware of your feelings is an effective way of making sure they don’t get carried away. So get into the habit of analyzing your emotions and state of mind.

Schedule Regular Reprieves

When you find yourself getting caught up in someone’s negativity, distance yourself from the situation for a little while. Even stealing a few minutes for yourself in the bathroom or outside your work station can help give your some mental clarity and emotional stability. If you have a hard time reminding yourself to take a break, set up regular reminders on your phone. Establishing a break routine will give you something to look forward to. Especially when you find yourself in the midst of someone’s negativity.

Find External Support

No matter what you do, there will be times when you feel like you can’t shield yourself from someone’s negativity on your own. When this happens, you need external support. Call a friend or trusted relative. Explain the situation and ask for their feedback.

Sometimes, people that aren’t involved in the situation can see things more clearly than you can. Your friends and family can give you some perspective about the situation that you can’t give yourself.


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