Free Online Masterclass, WildFit – Amazing Insights for Understanding Food

Food is so central and the core of our life and it immensely impacts almost all areas of our life. Be it fitness, weight, energy, mood and in fact it’s something that not only keeps alive but keeps fueling us forward, empowering us to take on life on day to day basis.

Now, having said that, the food is also something that most of the people don’t put in a lot of time in understanding what their body specifically needs and how the consumption of specific food can badly influence their health.

The problem of not understanding the food is bigger than the bad food itself.

I have been researching myself more on how to avoid specific food that’s negatively impacting me and I have been on a gluten-free diet since 5 months and it truly seems to be having a very good outcome and I have now become more streamlined, accepting and disciplined towards my new eating habits. Changing food habits is not easy.

I am also constantly learning more things about food, mostly from online sources and from books like below (I know the title is bit scary and inspirational at the same time)

how not to die book

Back to the very reason, I am writing this blog post today is to share a free online webinar or (masterclass) that taught me those insightful, quirky details about the food and I immediately thought that this webinar needs to be shared with my audience and my email subscribers. Because so many of you might be looking for such information from authentic sources.

The webinar I am talking about is called WildFit Masterclass organized by Eric Edmeades. Eric is an international business speaker, serial entrepreneur and well-respected name in the business coaching segment, globally. He is now bringing his amazing insights and deep knowledge of food to MindValley’s masterclass – WildFit

wildfit featured image

You can choose convenient timing for webinar for your own timezone

What is the masterclass is all about?

If I want to summarize this free webinar, below are key things or takeaways from it.

  • Discover 5 simple hacks to start benefiting from this in the next 30 days.
  • How Vishen Lakhiani used WildFit to become healthier than his 27-year-old self in just 4 weeks flat
  • End your cycle of bad health, lack of energy and imperfect skin.
  • Shocking revelations about the various diet programs
  • Vital clues for the ultimate Human Diet
  • The huge but surprising biological factor
  • The great myth of exercise



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