10 Powerful Steps for Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams – PART I

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The process of manifesting the things one desires can be different for anyone. We’re all unique and we all have our own subjective beliefs and attitude towards the world we live in. However, there are certain tips that will work incredibly well for everyone.

This article may not provide you with an extensive strategic plan for the attainment of your dreams, but it will certainly assist you on the journey of self-fulfilment and goal achievement in numerous ways. These 10 steps are proved to be beneficial for anyone who implements them time and time again, so let’s dive in…

Step #1 – Develop High Focus

Manifesting your desires without a well-developed focus is close to impossible. If you’re serious about achieving your goals you have to be willing to change your most cherished thought patterns. In other words, you have to change your core vibration comprised of the thoughts and emotions that linger in your mind day in and day out.

This is very important because most of the time, all we do is thinking about the circumstances, people and events that surround us. Rarely do we make any conscious effort to enter the creative process and use our imagination effectively.

And you know what? More frequently than not these thought patterns are very negative – the project at work must be finished, some of the bills are still not paid, not enough attention is being paid to the kids, our debt seems to enjoy growing, our weight keep increasing, and so on…all these responsibilities run at the forefront of our mind while the creative thoughts required for the manifestation process are residing deep without any signs of life.


Well because that’s the way we were programmed. Ever since we were little boys and girls we’ve been forced to stop using some of our higher faculties due to the nature of society norms and traditions. When you started to wander away in the classroom and travel in the most magnificent places in the Universe that only your imagination could produce, you were told to STOP and pay attention because if you didn’t, you’d get a negative mark!

We have to develop our focus and deliberately produce the kind of thoughts, beliefs and pictures that will likely move us in the direction of manifesting all our desires. And this requires hard work!

It is the only way to change our vibration and reprogram our subconscious beliefs.

You might want to consider approaching this as if you were dealing with a bad habit. You will probably have difficulties in eliminating it completely, but there’s no doubt you can change it to a great extent.

Step #2 – Document your Doubts and Worries

Let’s suppose that you are willing to apply the first step. You are dedicated in shifting your focus from the negative surroundings to a deliberate production of highly positive, vivid and desirable pictures in your consciousness.

What’s the next step?

Document everything! For this exercises you’ll have to use the self-observation technique which requires you to be an ever present gatekeeper of your Mind. Every time you catch yourself with a negative thought or emotion, write it in your journal.

If you have worries, doubts, fears, document everything. Keep everything organized and be persistent in this exercise. It is crucial that you become aware of your destructive behavior… otherwise you can’t eliminate it from your life.

Each and every day before going to sleep, take a look at your documentation. Ask yourself questions like “How many of those doubts and fears have actually affected your life in the long run?” “Have they actually manifested any of them in your life?”

You will find out that very often we create negative images that probably won’t even happen in our lives. Perhaps you are seeing yourself arguing with your spouse or some colleague at work. You are hearing yourself arguing and explaining why they are wrong and then the next thing you see is them yelling and protecting their point of view.

Sometimes you go to the point where you see breaking up with your partner or divorcing your spouse, you see yourself losing or quitting your job and arguing with your boss, you see yourself becoming sick, you think of situations where you simply can’t pay your debts any more, and what you don’t realize is that these thoughts are literally killing you.

Start documenting everything and gradually get rid of them!

Step #3 – Remember to Breathe the Right Way

It’s the essence of our existence. Breathing is so vital to our wellbeing and clarity.

Science has already proven that certain people like monks and yogis can actually rewire their brains with special meditative techniques. Is this ability reserved only for some elite group of individuals that have dedicated their entire life in the development of inner peace and clarity? Of course not…

You can do this very effectively. First of all, if you already haven’t, you must start breathing properly. Proper breathing doesn’t happen in the chest. You need to do “belly-breathing”.

You see, this is just another bad habit. When you breathe on your chest you’re using somewhere around 60% of your lungs potential, therefore, the oxygen that feeds your cells is limited. This also causes other symptoms like hyperventilation that lead to diseases and other problems. You lose clarity and focus. Your entire life is dependent on it!

Start breathing on your belly. When you inhale fill your belly and see it expanding. When you exhale it should contract. This breathing is very relaxing in its nature. In the beginning, you’ll practice this several times a day but remember, the ultimate goal is to make this your primary way of breathing!

Dedicate 45min each day for this exercise. Sit comfortably in a chair. Play some good relaxing music and start focus on your breaths. Breathe deeply and focus your attention on each inhalation and exhalation. By just doing like 20-30 deep belly breathings like this, you’ll instantly feel the difference.

Clarity, peace, relaxation and even inspiration and other positive feelings will enter your mind and body.

Step #4 – Meditate

As explained earlier, manifesting your desires is highly dependent on your thoughts and emotions. Every thought is a highly potent energy that penetrates all time and space. The Mind thinks all the time. It is impossible to be still and not to have any thoughts at all.

It is crucial that you gain back control of your most powerful tool that God has blessed you with. Start meditating.

Focus your attention on anything any try to keep it as long as you can. Every time a different thought enters your Mind, cast it away and bring your concentration back to the object of meditation.

The object can be literally anything. You can draw a small dot on the wall and just look at it and be present, you can concentrate on your breaths, or you can take it to a more advanced level and do some chakra and dantian meditations.

Do this for at least 5 minutes and increase it gradually until your reach 30-40min.

Whatever the focus is, don’t let any other thought draw your attention away. But this isn’t the way it goes down is it? After about twenty seconds you will most likely start to wonder how much time has gone by, or what’s for dinner tonight, all of these will probably lead you into another trail of thought.

Eventually, when 5 minutes are up, you will have thought about 50 different things.

Meditation will help you to actively control your thoughts through all the noise.

Step #5 – Take Care of Your Body

The mind and the body are mutually connected. They are actually the same thing just vibrating at different frequency. The body is the physical counterpart of the spirit. It is all energy and we are all part of the One.

The only time they are not connected is the moment we die.

This leads to the fact that your Mind affects your body and vice versa. So if your body is not healthy, if you feel weak and stressed, if you often feel tired and exhausted, this in turn influences what you think and feel. This can even cause anxiety and depression in certain scenarios.

Take care of both your body and mind, start living a balanced life. Do you have any hobby? What is your favorite sport? Start exercising regularly.

Hiking, yoga, running, walking, dancing, martial arts, aerobics, and swimming are just a few suggestions. Pick what you love and then do it regularly.

Successful people take care of their bodies. Yes it is true that they work on developing their Mind, acquiring new skills, studying and working a lot, but most of them DO take care of their health, and you should do the same!

The body requires healthy activity, never forget that.

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