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How I Experienced Hidden Powers of Meditation With MindValley’s Omlife Omharmonics Meditation Music – My Honest Review

For years, I conveniently avoided meditation, not because I underestimated their benefits, but I felt meditation is boring.

I always felt meditation is, waking up early at 4 am, putting a yoga mat on the floor and doing deep breathing. I did initiate few threads of yoga, but couldn’t really stick to them. As I said, I felt the process is boring and rigid in some ways.

It all changed last week when I got connected with the wonderful folks, who developed a revolutionary audio track for meditation called OmHarmonics

My perception towards meditation is changed- Thanks to  MindValley Meditation

I now believe that meditation not just about physical positioning and deep breathing, it’s all about relaxing our minds. It’s as simple as that.

However, relaxing our minds is not easy though.

With these new audio tracks, I can meditate whenever I want (I don’t need to wake up at 4 am) and more importantly, I am able to cleanse my mind and infuse fresh thoughts, which is otherwise not possible in the chaotic atmosphere we live in.

Review of Omlife Omharmonics Meditation Music

What these guys are doing at Mindvalley, is nothing short of amazing, especially with their bunch of products related to relaxation techniques and personal growth.

Music pulled me towards meditation

Meditation OmHarmonics

That’s me, listening to OmHarmonics – And it feels good

I always loved music. Personally, I feel music can incredibly change the way we think, work and live.

Music can infuse new ideas inside me, soothe me from everyday stress and has been a very much uplifting source of energy.

I did discover few instrumental tracks for relaxation among thousands out there online. However, I listened to these tracks in a very general atmosphere. i.e at the house or during driving, but none of them were actually designed for experiencing meditation.

While doing my research about relaxation techniques and meditation, I came across these audio tracks called Om Harmonics.

Listening to these tracks has surely brought a very positive effect on my thinking patterns.

What’s special in these audio tracks

I didn’t have much background information about what’s special about these tracks when I first came across these, but I learned that they do have a couple of unique features which is why they are effective.

Out of my curiosity to find out how OmLife tracks were different than others, I skimmed through their website and product information and found that there is a difference in the way these tracks were designed.

Binaural beats – This is the first thing that got me interested in the audio tracks. The effect of Binaural beats was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.

Here is what, the Monroe Institute has to say about binaural beats,

The sensation of auditory binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies are presented one to each ear with stereo headphones or speakers.

Read more about binaural beats here

A result of years of research and hot audio technology – I was impressed by the overall culture of the company behind these audio tracks. The company specializes in personal growth and development and these audios were developed and enhanced after years of research.

Since the company understands in-depth details of meditation and relaxation techniques so well, I was very sure that the products were RIGHT for me.

Support on multiple audio devices – These audio tracks work on a variety of audio players on iPad, iPod or any other media player which is great for me, so that I use them according to the situation.

Meditate anywhere and everywhere – Our way of living doesn’t really offer a dedicated slot for meditation (at least in my case), however, it does offer chunks of free slots during the day as well as while going to sleep. I can listen to these relaxing tunes before I begin my day and another track before I go to bed. Again, there is no routine, I like the flexibility here. For me, meditation is soothing my mind and bringing my mind to standstill position and relaxing.



Infusing Fresh thoughts


What are the different audio tracks available?

OmLife – OmHarmonics consists of 5 different audio tracks and they are,

  1. The start of the day
  2. The focus
  3. The spark
  4. The balance
  5. The deep rest 

Why meditation?

Why I am trying out meditation? Simply because, I want my mind to be free from everyday stress, neutralize recurring bad thoughts and create fresh ideas, that give me new directions to proceed with my life’s goals.

Being a techie, my work life is quite busy, switching from one task to another task, dealing with various teams and involve GTD activities. It does involve lots of analytical and planning activities.

I was exploring a tool or a means by which I can bring my mind to a relaxed state, which makes me feel more focused.

I truly believe that addressing mental tiredness is more important than addressing physical tiredness.

Results with these audio tracks were amazing. I was able to write much better when I listened to music and I was able to generate at least two new ideas for my future planning which is good.

What is the best way to listen to these tracks?

I am using a stereo headphone by Phillips. The effect has been excellent and I am quite happy with it. Even further, I suggest using a noise canceling headphone to enjoy the best results.

meditation app

Cutting edge technology used for rich user experience

How much the audio package costs?

OmHarmonics is available for a digital download or a physical delivery and the price varies for both of these. Audio tracks are categorized in Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

>> Check out the price of OmLife – OmHarmonics Meditation Audio Package<<

Want to give a try?

If you want to try these audio tracks, just download a FREE OmHarmonics track from this link and experience it. You can even use below image to download your free meditation audio.

If you want to go for a complete audio package (I recommend this), you can visit their OmHarmonics Product Page.



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