Personal Development For Smart People By Steve Pavlina – Book Review

If you are following blogs related to personal development or self improvement ,then there are remote chances that you would have missed to witness Steve Pavlina’s contribution to personal development space.

His blog is a dedicated destination for personal development articles.

I am one of his followers and hugely inspired by his writing and podcasts.

That’s why I decided to do a review post of his popular book Personal development for smart people.

Book, as expected is rich-content driven and though I can see that some of the part of the books actually already conveyed in his own blog (considering the blog has thousands of articles on personal development) . But that’s okey as book carries additional information on those  elements of personal transformation which are really helpful.

Steve shares his own story how he transformed himself over the years.

Steve devides the book into two main sections, namely..

  • Fundamental principles
  • practical application

In the first part- i.e fundmental principles, he writes about

Truth, Love, Power, Oneness,Authority, Courage and Intellgience

In the second half, he emphasizes on practical application covering elements such as

Habits, Career, money, Health, Relationships and Spirtiuality

Personal development for smart people,  is a book that can have a lasting impact on your life if you are looking for personal transformation, mainly because of the way Steve addresses the core elements of transformations at such a granular levels.

His insightful analysis about core principles create awareness within you and his practical advises instill actions insides you.

You will be more clear about your real purpose of life and about the set of  actions to bring upon a personal change and long lasting happiness.

Instead of revealing some more awesome features of the book, I leave it for you to go and checkout this outstanding piece of work by Steve Pavlina. You can also get it in Kindle format, if you are a digital reader like me :-)

About Steve Pavlina and his blog: Steve Pavlina is one of the widely recognized personal development speaker and blogger. His website is hugley popular with thousands of articles published online. You can also listen to his podcasts



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  2. thanks for the review
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