Book Review – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book

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If you are reading this article, that indicates that you are seeking a personal change in your life. You are looking for a tool which helps you to achieve your dreams. You are searching for ways to bring lasting happiness within you.

You are here. And you are at the right place. Because I am going to share with you one of the most interesting, life changing book ever.

The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

This is the book you need.

I am sure; you would have heard this book earlier, and it might surprise you that I am writing a review of a book which was published almost 15 years ago.

I came to know about this book only during last year. I have read this book again and again (at home, trains, planes and various places) and discovered that there is still something new I can learn every time I read this book. It’s amazing.

I am writing this review because I am compelled to write. It’s never too late to share a good read.

This is one of those books which had a lasting impact on me.

I feel a great sense of inner satisfaction when I share something useful with others, and I am lucky to have a platform (my blog)  which helps me to reach as many people as possible.

The monk who sold his Ferrari has been a spiritual teacher to me in many ways.

  • Book taught me that living in the moment is an actual life lived.
  • It made me realise that life need not be perfect, but it needs to be interesting, memorable.
  • It revealed a strange truth that physical possessions make our life busy, not necessarily happier.
  • It helped me to understand the life better.
  • Real happiness lies within if you realise it.
  • It helped me to build willpower and inner strength.
  • It helped me to expand my dreams.
  • Time is your most precious commodity and its non-renewable.
  • The power of ancient simplicity.

monk who sold his ferrari book cover


The monk who sold his Ferrari is a story of a popular lawyer who sells all his possessions and heads over to India (Himalayas) and never returns to his legal profession.  What happens to him and how his visit to the Himalayas transforms his life forever is the content of this book. Excellent stories and narration of interactive discussions make the book an interesting read. Action points at the end of each chapter summarise important areas which you should be paying attention for.

The monk who sold his Ferrari contains chapters,

  1. The wake-up call
  2. The mysterious visitor
  3. The miraculous transformation of Julian Mantle
  4. A magical meeting with the sages of sivana
  5. The spiritual student of the sages
  6. The wisdom of personal change
  7. A most extraordinary garden
  8. Kindling your inner fire
  9. The ancient art of self-leadership
  10. The power of discipline
  11. Your most precious commodity
  12. The ultimate purpose of life
  13. Timeless secret of lifelong happiness

While reading the book, you will discover,

How a deathbed question can change your life.
How to simplify your life by applying simple ancient rituals.
How to discover the real purpose of your life.
How to live an extraordinary life.
How to master your mind.

How to get this book: Ask you friend to lend you. Your teacher might already have it. Your boss might have already read it. In any other case, if you want to buy it online immediately, check these link below.

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If you have already read this book, please share your experiences and learning in the comment section.



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  1. Hi Naveen,

    In my mind, you couldn’t have picked a better book to review. Not because of it’s written quality, or because of it’s content, but because of it’s personal significance to me. Sharma’s book was the first self-help/personal development book I ever read, and it bought about my awakening to the person I am today.

    Great review, thanks for choosing this book Naveen :-)
    Stuart recently posted..The 4-Step Process To Breaking A Limiting BeliefMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s really nice to know that you are already reaping the benefits of reading this book. It’s been a powerful teacher for me as well.

      Have a great weekend ahead :-)

  2. The book is great.It should be nice gift that we can give for our Best friend! I did .Just read it while we are down and the book will make us UP and give the hand to return to the smart world.

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