10 Powerful Steps for Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams – PART II

This article is continuation of earlier article , to read part 1 – click here.

In his previous post, Zdravko Lukovski talked about 5 steps for manifesting your goals and dreams, and this article he covers the remaining 5 steps.

Over to Zdravko…


Step #6 – Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Gratitude

I think this one is self-explanatory. Appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude are VITAL for your success.

There is one great quote that goes like this – “The struggle ends when gratitude begins” and it’s just so true!

By appreciating and being grateful for the things that you already have I mean your material possessions, your family, your love, your friends, your ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch, your ability to think and feel, to walk, to laugh.

Also never forget the results that are on their way to you. Be grateful for the goals that you WILL manifest. Feel them as they were real and appreciate them. Be grateful.

Create a special gratitude journal and list everything that you can think of that makes you feel great. Read it often and express sincere gratitude! You’ll be amazed what this will do for you!

Step #7 – Put it into Writing

It is not an accident that all the best self-improvement books have this one thing in common. They all suggest that you decide exactly what it is you desire and write it on a sheet of paper.

Create a goal card. Follow the advice from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and decide on:

–      Your goal ($20 000, house near the lake, soul mate)

–      The exact date by which you want it in your life (New Year’s Eve of 2019)

–      What you intend to give in return for it (freelance services, selling a product, opening a restaurant…)

–      A general plan of how to get it (writing 20 articles a day for a year and then after gaining high reputation, hiring other writers and creating your company…this should be really general, not a comprehensive detailed plan, you don’t need to know HOW you’re going to get it!)

–      Write all of the above things in the present tense on a simple goal card (start with I am so happy and grateful now that…)

–      Read your goal card once before sleeping, once right after waking up and for as many times as you can during the day

There it is. The formula that gives you everything! I don’t know why so many people complicate this so much… this is really all you need. If you persist on your way and just do this one single activity, you HAVE TO get what you want because there is no other way!

This step is making your dreams and desires official. Everything that is put on a paper receives some power and it’s symbolic. Don’t forget to sign you name and date at the end of your Goal Card!

Step #8 – Visualize it Happening

happy-nowA scientific experiment took place several years ago. It was a study conducted on some of the world’s famous athletes. They instructed the athletes to lie down, close their eyes and start running, jumping, whatever it is they do in their real life. They had to feel it as it was very real. They also measured their reactions with a special technology and they came to the conclusion that the exact same muscles that get activated in the real life, now act only by activating the athlete’s imagination.

Everything was the same as they were literally running. That was a shocking discovery, mostly to the fact that our subconscious cannot differentiate between what is real and what’s imagined. For us it’s all the same.

Let’s think of another example that we can all relate to. Close your eyes. Think of a person you are attracted to, and see her or him naked. Try to touch their skin, hear them saying something to you.

You have my permission to do more than that haha.

What happens? You immediately get turned on. You get attracted and a sexual desire takes place. None of this is real, it happens only in your imagination.

The same is true with every other picture we have. If you want to manifest your goals you have to see them and feel them as they were real. Your mind and body then change the vibration and all the things they attract into your life.

Let’s get back to the previous example. The next time you are about to seduce your partner, try first to create mental movie in your Mind. Do everything just in your imagination and don’t say much. They will feel that energy. They will pick that vibration and they will respond appropriately, no words are required.

It will be expressed in the way you look, you will smell different. The aura you radiate changes, your frequency of vibration is much higher.

Well the same is true with any other thing you visualize. Do this often for your goals. See yourself already there. Feel it. See yourself experiencing life after you get what you want.

Step #9 – Feel it Happening

Why is this different from the previous step?

Because here you need to get a hold of the feeling of what’s it like after you’ve achieved your goal and now HOLD IT for as long as you can. This exercise is also called seeding.

It is not all the detailed pictures and the visualization you are concentrating on here. It is the feeling that comes as the result of those pictures.

How does it make you feel? Do you feel something in the pit of the stomach or in the upper part of your body?

Usually negative emotions happen in the lower part of our bodies and positive ones on the contrary, are related to the upper chest and the head. Do you feel power, pride or glory? Do you feel confidence and high self-esteem?

Whatever your goal makes you feel, concentrate and hold it for as long as you can.

Try doing it for 5 minutes and then move to 10-15 min per day.

Step #10 – Develop Patience

Patience is vital for your success. Do not be tempted to rush and feel in a hurry. That’s the worst thing you can do, you will never end up where you’re going…

In fact, living in constant stress like this, will very likely ruin your health. Develop the ability to stay focused on your goals but go towards them one step at a time. If you don’t see immediate results, don’t worry.

When you plant a seed, you don’t get the fruit the very next day. You need to water and nourish the soil, you need to take care of it and be patient. After dedicated persistence and enough time, you know that you’ll get the fruits.

The same goes with your dreams.

If you can’t see the tangible results it doesn’t mean that they are not on their way to you. You might feel stressed and alone at times, but regardless of your hopeless situation, do your work!

Do your work and you will be rewarded tenfold! There are many people out there who sign their own contracts and you can be one of them, but for that, you must be patient!

And finally, you have to enjoy the entire process. It is the journey that counts not the destination itself!

To Conclude… 

Regardless of your situation and circumstances in life, through unwavering dedication, crystal clear goals, strong faith and unbeatable persistence, you HAVE TO arrive at the destination you’re aiming for. You see, there’s no other way really…

The real question is: Are you ready to pay the price for it? Are you ready to dare and dream big, to aim high and make a decision that regardless of all the difficulties and obstacles, you WILL get to where you’re going?

If your answer to these questions is a straightforward YES, then you’re a winner, and there’s no doubt you’ll succeed in all of your endeavours!


Thanks Zdravko for your detailed article.

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  1. Briana says:

    Zdravko I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this. It’s so so good. I totally love how you emphasis persistence. I think it’s really what it takes. We created a Dreambook+Planner to help people do what you recommend daily for a year. I think you would love it! http://kck.st/1dt9saf

  2. I just read through this and it is so great. I think most people stop at the visualization part but it’s so true you need to take it a step further and really feel what it is like to get the thing you want.

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