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Rediscovering Paper

Here is another inspiring guest post by Nenad Rustic. He explains why he switched from Wunderlist to a succession of paper notebooks. While he still uses OneNote, to store my notes, he scribbles down things as he needs to, and transfer it later, if they are worth keeping (they rarely are).

Read his interesting post about comparing digital v/s non-digital ways of writing down or memorizing anything.

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Creative Visualization Program by Lisa Nichols – My Detailed Review

My honest review of Lisa Nichol's home study program - Creative Visualization. I am not new to this concept since I have read a couple of books on this subject already. However, I wanted to try this program out since I have heard a lot about Lisa Nichols and the courses offered by MindValley (plus it was an audio content format which I love).

Read about my experiences of this course - Creative Visualization by Lisa Nichols.

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Small Habits – Ladders to Big Progress

In this wonderful guest post, Alina Sukumaran explains HISI. Habits In Small Increments (HISI).

If you break new habits into small increments, applied regularly, the pain of dealing with the new and unknown is almost zero. Your mind will accept the new habit, or embrace the new skill in far shorter time and it will become an almost automated process.

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10 Powerful Steps for Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams – PART II

This article is continuation of earlier article , to read part 1 – click here.

In his previous post, Zdravko Lukovski talked about 5 steps for manifesting your goals and dreams, and this article he covers the remaining 5 steps.

Over to Zdravko…


Step #6 – Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Gratitude

I think this one is self-explanatory. Appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude are VITAL for your success.

There is one great quote that goes like this – “The struggle ends when gratitude begins” and it’s just so true!

By appreciating and being grateful for the things that you already have I mean your material possessions, your family, your love, your friends, your ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch, your ability to think and feel, to walk, to laugh. Read Full Article

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10 Powerful Steps for Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams – PART I

This is a guest post by Justin Zdravko Lukovski  of If you would like to write a guest post for, follow this link.

The process of manifesting the things one desires can be different for anyone. We’re all unique and we all have our own subjective beliefs and attitude towards the world we live in. However, there are certain tips that will work incredibly well for everyone.

This article may not provide you with an extensive strategic plan for the attainment of your dreams, but it will certainly assist you on the journey of self-fulfilment and goal achievement in numerous ways. These 10 steps are proved to be beneficial for anyone who implements them time and time again, so let’s dive in… Read Full Article

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