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A Personal development website is incomplete without an engaging community and global contribution.

Guest Writers , you are welcome !

If you are the one who writes about personal development, motivation, meditation or anything that encourages and inspires others, you are welcome to write for this blog.

Or in simple words, you can guest post here.

There are no specific guest posting guidelines or rules as such for submitting your article here, however your article must be original and should not have been published anywhere before.

Your article can cover any of following topics in personal development niche.

  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Minimalist Living
  • Personal Development
  • Ideas for productivity Improvement
  • Book reviews
  • Career Planning
  • Inspiring content about life.
  • Poems that inspire or motivate.
  • ‘how to ‘ guides
  • Creative ideas

Submit your guest post to below email address:

planetnaveen guest post

Make sure that you have an introduction about you and include link to your website/blog. Also, please send me your email id for which you have your gravatar image linked.

Benefits of Guest Writing for

Apart from the core benefit of your article reaching mailboxes of exclusive mailing list of, you will also get link back to your website. Again, it’s not just about link, it’s about connecting with vibrant community here.

Take a Look At Who Have Guest Posted on This Blog

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One Comment

  1. Hi, planetnaveen editor,

    My name is Mark. I’m a writer from New York.

    I’d be happy to contribute an article if you are okay with guest posting. I have several concepts in mind which will be of high relevance to your blog section:

    1. How to get and preserve motivation while following a desperately monotonous daily routine? – this post will be helpful for both workers and students; it’s supposed to teach how to concentrate on right things, stimulate yourself, transform your environment to stay active and highly motivated and radiate positivity.

    2. Finding your dream job: the most essential factors to look into – it will be a brief instruction on how to assess yourself and identify a profession that’s gonna be a perfect match for your traits and skills and at the same time will bring you joy.

    3. Easy and effective ways to boost your personal efficiency – here I will guide readers through the time management and tasks prioritization enhancement system. I’ll share some tips on how to stop fearing time constraints, achieve high productivity and become the best version of yourself.

    4. What to do when your job doesn’t fit you: necessary steps to switch the career – an article describing actions to perform when the job doesn’t feel like your cup of tea: search of a new profession, reeducation process, finding sources of motivation and psychological support during such period.

    Let me know if any of these sounds interesting to you.

    If you have any other topic suggestions or require additional info, feel free to write back.

    Warm regards,


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