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Rediscovering Paper

Here is another inspiring guest post by Nenad Rustic. He explains why he switched from Wunderlist to a succession of paper notebooks. While he still uses OneNote, to store my notes, he scribbles down things as he needs to, and transfer it later, if they are worth keeping (they rarely are).

Read his interesting post about comparing digital v/s non-digital ways of writing down or memorizing anything.

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Creative Visualization Program by Lisa Nichols – My Detailed Review

My honest review of Lisa Nichol's home study program - Creative Visualization. I am not new to this concept since I have read a couple of books on this subject already. However, I wanted to try this program out since I have heard a lot about Lisa Nichols and the courses offered by MindValley (plus it was an audio content format which I love).

Read about my experiences of this course - Creative Visualization by Lisa Nichols.

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This is How I Create More Time for Myself

Lots of my friends and colleagues wonder and ask me how I make time for myself for doing ‘so many things’ at a time.

How I find time for blogging, that’s the essential curiosity they generally have , given that I work as a full-time employee at a software company.

Let Me Break the Myth First

I don’t do multiple things at same time. In reality, I do only ‘one thing’ at a time.

Doing multiple things are same time can be unproductive and sometimes dangerous (Text and drive? Welcome accidents !) Read Full Article

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Planetnaveen Highlights of 2012

I am back !! It has been over 4 months since I wrote on this blog. It was tough for me to find time for blogging for some time. Many thanks to the guest writers who kept this blog going with their wonderful guest posts.

As we are ready to embrace the new year 2013, I decided to compile few key highlights of this blog. I truly thank you for being such a lovely reader and supporter of

Here are few key highlights of this blog in 2012

Best posts of 2012

20 Tips To Reverse Your Trend of Failure And Succeed Finally Read Full Article

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