The Personal Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument

Musical notes can heal you

Ever wondered, how playing a musical instrument can enhance our quality of lifestyle? Want to know the benefits of playing a musical instrument?

Here is the guest post from Slavo Desik who himself practiced Violin for more than 12 years. Enjoy the musical notes from him :-)

You Are My Real Hero

real hero planetnaveen

I didn’t judge you by your cool haircut or the slick clothes you are wearing.

I even didn’t know that you almost look like a Hollywood celebrity.

In fact it didn’t mattered much to me.

Personal Development For Smart People By Steve Pavlina – Book Review

If you are following blogs related to personal development or self improvement ,then there are remote chances that you would have missed to witness Steve Pavlina’s contribution to personal development space.

That’s why I decided to do a review post of his popular book Personal development for smart people.

A Step by Step Guide For Solving Complex Problems In Your Life

Problem - Step by Step, I am attacking you

Everyone faces problems. Sometimes simple and sometimes more complicated. Solving a problem is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult and many a times, seems impossible.

If you often find yourself in the situations where in, you are not able to resolve a problem effectively, then you need to revisit your approach towards problem solving.

This article is a step by step guide for attending and solving complex problems in your life. Info-graphic included

7 Ways To Continuously Re-inspire Yourself

How to keep yourself in the state of continuous inspiration? Guest author Alden Tan from explores 7 ways to continuously re-inspire yourself.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Living In Present

This is probably the shortest blog post I have written on I am sharing 5 amazing benefits of living in present.

Leading With Integrity

If you want to be a leader, you need to have respect, and if you want to have respect, you need to have integrity. If people can’t count on you to behave in an honorable manner, they are never going to trust you to lead them.

To know more about how integrity can make you a great leader, read this fantastic guest post by Sam Marquit.

Journey Of Life And The Real Purpose Of Your Existence

train in valley

In this post, I am discussing about the life that exists between your goals. In fact ,a life that should have been existed between your goals. A life which was never lived. Yes, I am discussing about your journey, not the destination.

Book Review – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book

Book review of Robin Sharma’s spiritually uplifting book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. You must get this book and experience the personal change yourself. Purchase link included.

8 Healthy Habits For The Modern Day You

healthy habits

8 healthy habits for modern day you. Simple action points that transform your life more healthier, stress free and a content one. Enjoy the ride :-)

3 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

job search

Jemima Lopez from Zen College Life discusses very important topic of staying positive during your job search. She offers 3 ways using which you can actually utilize the waiting period you get during the job search.

20 Tips To Reverse Your Trend Of Failure And Succeed Finally

ladder of success

You have been failing, no matter how much efforts you are putting. What’s going wrong? Why you are not able to taste success? Keep your worries aside and take a look at these real quick tips. You might get what you want. Make yourself all set to reverse your trend of failure and succeed finally.