22 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Make A Great First Impression

To a great mind nothing is little. Little things, are so extraordinary – Sherlock Holmes

First impression is topic of classic interest and particularly timely in today’s world. The knowledge about psychology of first impression is crucial in the persona game. It is rarely taught in schools and rarely does anyone discuss this in a candid way.

It is based on small amount of information, used to build a bigger picture about you, as per research it starts in 7 seconds and is all over in 17 seconds, and it is 3 times more impressive and stubborn compared to a second revised or factual impression.[...] Read Full Article

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The Incredible Benefits of Saying No

Stuck in habit of saying 'yes'? Is saying 'yes' to everything good or bad? What are the real consequences when you say yes to everything. Find out this short and interesting article which explores the habit of saying 'yes' and presents you the benefits of saying 'No'

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6 Smart Ways You Can Bring Amazing Changes Within Yourself – Practical Words Of Wisdom From A Cosmetic Surgeon


Get ready for your personal transformation journey. Don't miss this essay from a Cosmetic Surgeon who is also a personal development enthusiasist. He shares with us, 6 smart ways you can bring amazing changes within yourself.

Readers, enjoy this amazing post by Dr. Kamal Murdia.

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You Are Free


Wherever you are right now – whether in a dysfunctional relationship, in a job that sucks, stuck in a difficult family situation, you are free. Yes, you are. You can choose to disconnect with what you don’t want. You can choose to connect with what you want. You can choose to do everything you want – in your own situation without any excuses.

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