The Choice is Yours

The choice is yours!

Either float in the misty cloud of your pure thoughts and dreaming about your ideal life or giving them up and fighting against hard realities of life and growing up with a feeling that all your dreams were just illusions.

Don’t be so cruel to yourself !

Your dreams were not illusions, they were bound to design your ideal life.

It’s all about your inner force that makes the difference. That inner power is nothing short of an escape velocity you need to battle self-doubts. It’s that force required to defeat yourself, I mean your other self who pokes your dreams every time and packs you inside the shell, so called as ‘real life’.

So, how do we bridge the gap between our dream life and the raw, real life? Through massive action, by working on your ideas! By attaining that escape velocity to prove your other self, wrong.

Don’t even think doubting about the fact that ‘dreaming is planning’ !!

When dreams become reality, reality feels like a dream !



Naveen is one of the humblest human beings who are passionate about many things but works on one at a time. He enjoys his day working on software programs for the large corporate organization and late nights, writing about his life experiences on this blog.

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