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One Month Later – Meditating With OmHarmonics Meditation Music (My Review)

This is a follow-up article of the post I wrote some time ago in which I shared my experiences with meditation using meditation music and the detailed review of the same.

I don’t write about a product or service on my website if you would have noticed, but this particular digital product deserved extra attention and was undoubtedly worth of writing about it (and sharing with you) again.

In this post, I am sharing you my ongoing experiences and effects of meditation on my life since I began my journey with meditation a month ago. Remember, I am a full-time techie + part time blogger and had little time for meditation.

However, I decided to go ahead and try meditating. In fact, I am not doing a full-fledged meditation (sorry, for this unusual name, but I hope you got my point), all that I am doing is to plug in my headphones into ears and listen to this music called OmHarmonics.

What Really Changed? my Follow-up Review of OmHarmonics

As I mentioned in my earlier article, by listening to these meditation tracks, I was able to generate at least two new fresh thoughts inside my mind because my mind started feeling relaxed and being a music lover myself, these tracks surely had a positive impact on my thinking patterns.

Now, during last month, something more happened.

It’s because I listened to remaining tracks of the OmHarmonics Package such as “Focus” and “Balance” mainly.

And they were for sure, mind-modulators.

I never expected that just listening to a meditation music could have an effect on my mind and infuse so many new thoughts and steer me towards the better direction in my life. This single thing excites me about these meditation tracks.

I am sure there would be many other such tracks/apps already by numerous companies, and this was indeed my first one. And I feel I picked up an excellent one.

As a writer and busy techie, all that I wanted from these tracks was to soothe my mind and bring slowness in my life. The tracks surely did that, and I am continuing to experience the benefits from them.

How Much Time I am Spending For Meditation?

That’s an exciting part here. You see, contrary to my earlier plans of keeping aside specific time for meditation, I decided to go easy on this. What I do is, whenever I feel I am becoming too busy, plugin the headphones and start slowing down.

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” – Sydney J Harris


And this schedule (which is totally unscheduled) works very well with me.

I also have a habit of taking notes whenever I come across excellent things, and this is what I captured my tiny board at home while listening to these tracks and during the-the one-week course of OmWeek.

Notice Board

That’s my Notice Board


That’s my board on the left. Here is what I captured,

  • Gratitude – Forgiveness
  • Reflect on my life
  • Forgiving
  • Oneness
  • Focus
  • Attracting success, joy
  • Visualize Success already
  • Contribution to the planet and giving back
  • Expand thoughts

 Why Meditation Is Important?

I don’t feel I am qualified enough to share you a very reliable information on meditation, since myself very new to this, however, I did research and learn few more things about meditation. It was through my visit to a local meditation centre in my city and by reading a couple of good books on meditation.

Meditation does have a profound effect on our outlook at life.

I gathered this piece from an article which said,

Meditation can be defined in different ways, but this is really a broad concept that no measure of words can totally unveil its real sense. Meditation is best understood when experienced and felt rather than when explained. And although this cannot be measured by words, maybe you will be able to grasp it more easily in the light of its purpose.

In fact, meditation dates itself back to pre-historic times where people used to chant mantras to appease gods. It did evolve itself into various forms, and whichever forms it may be, the goal was one; To bring calmness, improve focus and enhance the feeling of general good-being.

And that’s why it is so popular even in today’s modern world.

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 Want To Try Meditation These Meditation Audio Tracks Yourself?

You can download Free OmHarmonics Meditation Audio using this link.

You can also click on image to download the tracks.


Don’t Miss This Video

I am sharing a video by Vishen Lakhiani – founder of MindValley (A personal development digital publishing company) who takes you through a guided meditation session. Sit back and enjoy the video.

How To Enrol Your Self into 1 Week of Meditation Course for FREE?

You can use this free enrollment link (This is same as a download link) and enter your email id, and you will receive a free OmHarmonic track and as well as begin your course of OmWeek (One-week Free meditation course).  I am sure; you are very likely to benefit from those.

Want To Buy These Tracks Right Now?

If you want to go ahead and purchase these meditation tracks right now, you can do that as well. Just follow this product link and the tracks are available in OmLife’s Digital Collection are,

Five meditation audios (30 and 15-minute versions of each track):

The Awakening – for the perfect start of your day
The Focus – for laser-sharp focus
The Spark – for enhanced creativity and inspiration
The Balance – for relaxation and reflection
The Deep Rest – for deep, restful sleep

That’s it for this week; Take care and Merry Christmas to all :-)



Naveen is the humblest human being who is passionate about many things but works on one at a time. He enjoys his day working on software programs and late nights in writing about his life experiences on this blog.


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  1. That’s why I love listening to meditation music. It soothes my nerves and relaxes me.
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