I said No, I am happy now

The Incredible Benefits of Saying No

We all are conditioned to say ‘yes’.

A ‘yes’ means a positive attitude, more friends, more productivity, more money, and more profits.

We like say yes for everything that comes on our way.

A yes from you means you do that task today.
A yes from you means you will reach a place in time.
A yes from you means you will pay the loan religiously.
A yes from you means you will stay in a new place.
A yes from you means you deliver that new code fix in short time.
A yes from you means you will stick to a new contract for agreed period of time.

Now, let’s check out the reality.

A yes from you means you will do that task anyway even though you are already overloaded with current tasks and you have no clue what this new task has in it.

A yes from you means you will reach a place anyway even though you have less time to travel and you forgot that your car is low on fuel.

A yes from you means you will stay in a new place anyway even though you have no idea how is the atmosphere there since you don’t have any statistical data with you about this place.

A yes from you means you deliver that new code fix anyway even though you have not done any impact analysis about this program fix.

A yes from you means you will stick to a new job contract anyway even though you have not gone through complete contract terms and conditions in detail from legal point of view which you thought not necessary.

So what’s the problem with saying yes?

The real problem is not with Saying ‘yes’ but saying yes without thinking.

Problem is with saying yes without analyzing situation.

People often accept new commitments in jobs, tasks, life changes, thinking that they will be fine.

While their intention is perfectly valid, what dilutes the situation is the reality of not being able to fulfill the commitments.

In reality, people start realizing that they are running out of time for the newly accepted tasks. In hurry, they try to finish the existing task with more and more speed. As speed and stress increases, quality of work decreases. They either finish the task with bad quality or they don’t finish it at all with guilty feeling in their heart that they have pile of unfinished tasks.

Same thing happens when people accept new financial commitments. Be it a housing loan or a car loan. They say ‘yes’ instantly considering their current earning capabilities. They quickly start saying ‘yes’ to more and more buying habits and over the time they start realizing that they are shaken up financially and over the top of it, recession is around and they see that they don’t have buffer amount in bank to cope up with their huge monthly bills. Life can’t be messier than this.

Saying Yes to everything is much underestimated danger that everyone embraces without even thinking for a second. There is difference between accepting and accomplishing.

What matters is how much you accomplish, not how much you accept.

Learn to say No

Saying no doesn’t mean that you are less capable, or bad or harsh.

It’s just that you don’t have time for the new assignment or you clearly foresee that you wouldn’t be comfortable with this new commitment.

You might be saying yes because of a pressure of your boss, friend or for that matter anyone. Don’t say yes when you were supposed to say no.

Be firm in saying no. Don’t overload yourself with the stuff that you can’t handle.

Finish the things beautifully which are already on your plate. Take a break and go for a new task. Don’t do multitasking.

Don’t get yourself into debt (be it even a housing loan) because all of your colleagues have their own houses. Do a complete analysis of your own financial commitments and only if you feel really comfortable, then take a decision for buying the new home. Else, a ‘no’ definitely saves you from debt.

Instead, try focusing on increasing your earnings.

If you are an employee and you keep saying ‘yes’ to every new task that comes your way, soon you will be left with piles of unfinished tasks and start producing bad quality results which will get you a bad name in the long run. Instead, say no to new task if you are already overloaded, delegate the task to your juniors, and mentor them. When you are clear with explanation, it becomes easy for your manager to assign that task to someone else and things will get done. Remember, you can’t do everything and you shouldn’t be.

Quality is always rewarded, people often forget how much work you did, but they will never forget how well you did the work.

Commit for less, accomplish more.

Accept less, live stress free.

Involve in less, but produce beautiful products.

Say ‘no’ to chaotic and stressful Life.

Say ‘yes’ to an uncluttered and beautiful life.

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21 thoughts on “The Incredible Benefits of Saying No

    1. Thanks Manju,

      Though my writing process has been slowed down a bit, i will still try to put up some posts when ever i get time.

      Have a great week ahead.

  1. Nice to see a good article.
    Be positive and think well before you say Yes when you suppose to do but be ready to say No when there is not in your way.

  2. Its amazing how much we get ourselves webbed up living other people’s lives and have so little or no time left to live our own.

    Very good post.

  3. Saying NO is one of most powerful things that you can learn.
    In business world saying NO will keep you out of a lot of trouble.

    Sadly new way of raising children is very often lacking in this.

    Giving in to other people demands is a sure way to lead miserable life.


  4. hi naveen …….ur posts are awesome
    i want to start reading self help books …so can u plz suggest me some books to start…….

    1. Thanks Vishnu for stopping by and commenting.

      I would recommend you to start with “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey and there are many others.

      Hope, I will should be able to write an article about my personal favorite self help books very soon on this blog.

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