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  1. “Every Man Should Be Able to Save His Own Life”

    Made me laugh, but it is true. That’s a nice way of looking at it. If you just can’t find enough reason to start exercising or doing some physical activity, think about what would happen if you were in a life and death situation. Would you be able to run fast enough and fight zombies when the zombie apocalypse comes along? Speaking of zombie apocalypse, not to be ominous about it, but it is one excellent motivation not just to start exercising but also to learn life hacks and easy ways of doing things. You learn survival tricks as well as nifty ways to save on time and conserving resources.
    Jorge Blanco recently posted..Gangnam Style: From a Personal Development PerspectiveMy Profile

    • Hi Jorge!
      I agree with you that the whole zombie idea is quite fascinating, and that it’s probably the most fun way I’ve found to get yourself motivated on this kind of stuff. I think deep down people know that they need to be taking care of their health, figuring out how to be more self sufficient, etc.
      Zombies create a fun motivator to getting these things handled.. :)

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