50 Things To Do Before You Die

50 Things to Do Before You Die

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Just few days ago, I received bad news that my colleague, David, whom I have worked closely with, passed away from a sudden heart attack.

I was shocked and dumb-founded. I wondered how this could have happened. How could a young, jovial, and energetic chap like him in early 30s just passed away like this? The last time when I met him, weren’t he alive and kicking?

After calming down, I reflected on what I have learnt from this incident. I have always heard people say, life is short and life is fragile. But it is only when you experience it that you truly understand this phrase. No one knows what will happen to them the next moment. Death could strike on anybody at any time. I realized that I have been too caught up in the rat race to pay off my bills. I neglected accomplishing things that would make me regret if I were to die today.

I have failed to produce any tangible output while letting days pass by me. To avoid living in regrets, I decided to come up with my own bucket list and blog about it.

You may start wondering, so what is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things that you wish to accomplish before you die.

It could be dreams you want to fulfill, life experiences you wish to try out and goals you want to achieve.

By coming up with this bucket list, we are constantly reminded of the things we want to achieve instead of wasting time on pointless activities. We feel charged and enthusiastic to pursue what matters to us.

Guide To Creating Your Own Bucket List

Everyone is made unique. Hence, there is no one perfect bucket list that can “one size fits all”. Hence, ask yourself these questions and determine what it that you truly desire is.

  • What would you like to do if tomorrow would be your last day?
  •  What are your dreams and goals?
  •  Who do you would like to spend more time with, but have not been able to do so?
  •  Who are the people important to your life?
  •  What are the achievement/ legacy you like to have?
  •  Who would you like to say “Sorry” or “I love you”, but didn’t have the courage to do so?
  •  What are the experiences you like to have?
  •  What activities you like to try out?
  •  What are the new or crazy things you have always like to do, but have not done?

If you have no idea on how to start your own bucket list, find some inspiration below.

Things That Can Change Lives

These range from single moments to actions that change a lifetime. What each should do is help you grow as a person, while impacting the life of others.
1.    Compliment someone who deserves it but you never have
2.    High-five a stranger for the heck of it
3.    Tell someone who looks downtrodden that it will be okay
4.    Volunteer to help the needy for a day
5.    Tell someone that you love him or her for who they are
6.    Find the time to thank everyone who likes you for who you are
7.    Walk around for a whole morning asking everyone if they could use some help
8.    Become a big brother/big sister
9.    Adopt a pet that needs saving
10.    Offer your service to a humanitarian group
11.    Adopt kids from needy countries

Things That Can Challenge You

Sometimes we become too comfortable in our own skin. Here are some actions and to-dos that will push you right out of your wheelhouse.

12.    Run farther than you have run in the last five years (at any pace you can)
13.    Try to create that invention or innovation that you know could work
14.    Try something that you know you will fail at on first attempt
15.    Take a walk while it is raining hard, without an umbrella, and enjoy wetness
16.    Share an embarrassing story with someone who respects you
17.    Share a moment of weakness with someone who looks up to you
18.    Learn a new language, no matter how obscure
19.    Tutor someone in your field of expertise
20.    Be tutored by someone in a field you do not understand
21.    Let a child create a game, and play it with them without questioning the rules (ages 2-7)
22.    Teach yourself to read music
23.    Try to learn a new fact every day, and share that fact with someone
24.    Achieve your ideal weight

Things That You May Never Done Before

25.    Find the highest point in the area you live and take in your surroundings
26.    Be a tourist of your hometown or current town
27.    Travel to country unlike your own
28.    Climb a Mountain (non-dangerous mountain)
29.    Explore a cave or cavern (safety first)
30.    Explore up a creek or small river (just keep following it until you are well into the woods)
31.    Tell your parents and friends that you love them
32.    Sing a song that’s always stuck in your head, and sing it loud
33.    Watch an old couple who are in love for more than ten minutes
34.    Experience the beautiful sunset and sun rise
35.    Fulfill everyone’s’ dream, rather than your own
36.    Make happiness your priority and be happy everyday
37.    Grow rich by managing your finances
38.    Pick up a new hobby you like. It could be wine appreciation class, a new dance class
39.    Fall madly in love

It is said that 75% of the world is covered by water. Humans simply are not made for most of that water, and in fact we drown quite easily. That being said, there literally is 75% of a world hiding under the whitecaps and soft splashes of waves. Challenge your natural and evolutionary inner voice and literally dive out of your comfort zone. You will be happy you did.

40.    Take a scuba-diving trip
41.    Swim with Sharks (in cage)
42.    Play with a Dolphin, Sea-Cow, or Turtle in the ocean
43.    Dive off of something that is ten feet higher than you are comfortable with
44.    Jump off of something that is twenty feet higher than you are comfortable with

One of the most fun ways to check off a bucket list is to try out new foods or food-items. Cooking, eating, enjoying company during either, is a great way to expand on your life. Sometimes it can move you out of your comfort zone, but that is a good thing.

45.    Try a food you don’t even consider food.
46.    Eat something you hated more than 10 years ago, and have not tried since.
47.    Make a meal that you always love but never prepare.
48.    Make a very complicated meal with someone who you enjoy.
49.    Feed a family who needs a meal.
50.    Host a barbeque for the neighborhood.


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5 thoughts on “50 Things to Do Before You Die

  1. Wow, a very good and challenging post! When I first started reading the suggestions I was like “yeah, uh huh,” but the more I kept reading the more I realized the possibilities that are really out there.

    Life really is very short and it’s easy to make majors out of minors. I think that enjoying life and really living are much more important than getting caught up in materialism.

    For myself, I think that traveling would be up there on my bucket list. There are still a lot of places that I would love to see.
    Randy recently posted..Warning: Trying To Please Everyone Will Not Please You!My Profile

    1. Hi Randy,
      I think, life is all about exploring and gaining experiences. Whenever we get opportunity (or even better, create one) we must explore and enjoy different aspects of life. After all, experiences teach us real wisdom.

      Thanks for dding your thoughts to the post Randy.
      Naveen Kulkarni recently posted..7 Keys To True HappinessMy Profile

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