You Are My Real Hero


I didn’t judge you by your cool haircut or the slick clothes you are wearing.

I even didn’t know that you almost look like a Hollywood celebrity.

In fact it didn’t matter much to me.

What mattered to me is the glimpse of your heart which beats for humanity.

I am touched by the simple gestures you show to others to make them feel good.

It makes my eyes wet to witness the everyday sacrifices you make so that your family can live a good life.

I am moved by the way you hide your tears and lend a helping hand to others even when you are almost broken inside.

I am thrilled to see the way you bounce back , fighting the odds of life one by one.

I am speechless by the integrity you show towards your responsibilities.

I admire your honest intentions to help others succeed without expecting anything in return.

I respect you for the respect and care you show to elders and make them feel happy in the times when they really need your support.

I am thankful to you for forgiving others even though when you know they are wrong.

I am saying all these because,  you are not like the on-screen heroes who  play imaginary characters to reel us and continuously feed our minds with false and larger than life meaning of a real ‘hero’

The more you chase and idolize the reel heroes, you will start realizing that you can never outsmart them. Because they are not real. They are just characters who do real practice to create a virtual experience for audience.

However, you are real. You live the life of everyday challenges. You don’t practice life, you live it.

This article is just my little way of expressing my my gratitude towards your actions that reflect true humanity.

You are my real hero , who celebrates life everyday, every moment.

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