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It’s Idea Time: Can The Idiot Box Earn Money For You While You Are Staring At It?

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

I suspect that, this is going to be a controversial post.

This article might get shared all over the internet like crazy or it can be dismissed as a ‘plain stupid’ idea :-)

Actually, I have my own interesting points to prove that there is something in this article for you to think upon.

Before even I get into actual idea and (expected) arguments, let us walk through a very successful advertisement model super popularly known as adsense. It is flagship revenue generating product of Google.

We all know that Google adsense is Google’s flagship product that generates more than 90% of revenue for Google. At the same time , adsense makes website owners wealthy (minus myself from this list) because they host the advertisements and earn commissions based on PPC (pay per click) model.

We have already witnessed the fact that advertisements are powerful methods for revenue generation. Aren’t they?

Be it a newspaper agency, be it digital platform , TV or on our smartphone/tablet app.

Now, let me now tell you something really obvious.

In the modern world, there are 2 versions of any product/service.

Free and Paid.

Free means, you will have to compensate the ‘free’ness by watching advertisements that come along the free version. That’s totally acceptable because you are not paying for the content.

But, when you pay for something, you are avoiding advertisements. You get just content, the premium stuff for which are paying for.

That makes sense too.

You are paid by Google when you display ads on your website.

You are given a free piece of smartphone app and it contains some advertisements.

You get newspaper for dirt cheap price because they contain ads.

Bottom line is, you are rewarded in some or the other form when you entertain advertisements.

So far, I am taking what you already know.

Now, let’s talk about our favorite time killer, Television.

analog tv

A TV without advertisements :-)

Why are we not paid when we watch so much of advertisements on television, that too when we pay for only content?

I feel TV owners should be rewarded in some or the other ways , because the conversion rate from advertisement are high when compared to ads on websites or billboards. I am not saying that the reward could be only in terms of money. It can be giving free subscription, free movies etc. This is the idea of this article. Now let’s unfold the whole idea and get into some cool arguments.

Below are the 5 points that give the above idea a sense of logic.

1.  Television ads are extremely expensive for advertisers. But still, you get so many ads. That means , the conversion rate from television ads are pretty high. That’s the reason channels are charging hefty amount to advertisers for a small slot of ad on TV.

But who is watching the ads? You? Is it optional for you to watch these ads? Almost impossible.

Because you are forced to watch ads between the content.

Again , even in adsense, you just own a website not the hardware. Your files are hosted by another company. You are paid because you are providing a window for showing ads.

If you are paid in adsense for allowing someone to show ads, then why not get paid  for watching ads in TV, after all you are renting out your TV set? Is it not same as renting out your website?

2. You pay service providers for content. Not for ads. Then why to have ads? Can we have ad free TV? Ad-free TV can be a reality. Check out this article

3. You are not getting freebies or even discounts even though you are the media through which millions of products get sold. Why? Just let us get back to my old example of dirt cheap newspapers. They are able to give you cheap/free papers because there are hundreds of ads. Why not TV channels then?

4. You are generating additional revenue in multiple ways for service providers especially during reality shows or competitions. For example. you send mobile messages for a  voting. You are additionally generating revenue for telecom companies as well. Again , don’t you deserve some cut?

5. Remove the TV from your house. That means 3-4 lost customers for hundreds/thousands of advertisers. That means, unarguably you are affecting their sales.

Below are some points that make this idea out of sense (but not really).

1. You really can’t compare adsense with TV model. Because , when adsense ads are displayed on a website, hundreds and thousands of people watch the ads in a day. In the case of TV, it’s just you and your family members watch it. Impressions are quite less.

My take on this: Observe the conversion rate. You have bought enormous of amount of stuff by watching it on TV. Conversion on TV is surely higher even though the impressions are less.

2. You are just owning a TV. But actually ads are displayed by service providers.Why should TV owners get money when they are not displaying ads. Its just a business to business transaction. It’s none of your business.

My take on this: If it’s business to business transactions then why is it happening through a device owned by me? I don’t want to watch the ads. Can I have an option of having ad-free content ?

3. Forget about TV for a moment.  So what you are saying is, whenever we watch advertisements, we should be paid? How about a scenario where I am walking on a road and watch an advertisement on a billboard. Should I get paid just because I just watched an advertisement.

My take on this: You should not be paid because you don’t own that billboard :-)

So, what you think about this idea of paying TV owners with some reward?

Reward could be money, free subscription, free movies or any kind of reward that is associated with TV model.

Do you think this idea is breakthrough idea? Let me know and let us debate. Use the cool comment box below this post and hit the submit button with your response.

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