7 Ways To Continuously Re-inspire Yourself

You know how it is when you are feeling totally listless. You want to get some work done, but you just aren’t feeling motivated at all.

However, if you’re in luck, you’d stumble upon a really inspiring story, more often than not from someone who has proven himself or managed to pick himself up and conquer seemingly impossible feats.

Then you feel inspired. All charged up and ready to take on the world.

But, that doesn’t seem to be enough. You don’t actually get much work done and you are asking yourself, “Why can’t I be as great as them?”

The big problem with inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t last.

It makes people feel totally “hyped up” and motivated at one single point.

We also tend to forget that inspiration is everywhere, and free.

Inspiration doesn’t have to come automatically as if it’s some god-given sign that comes at the “right place and the right time”.

You can, and should always actively seek inspiration.

Don’t wait for it. Go for it.

You aren’t a superhero. You are human, like everyone else who needs to get their batteries charged now and then.

Here’s a little guide to get yourself re-inspired

1) Read up on your heroes repeatedly.

Emphasis on repeatedly. As I mentioned, inspiration doesn’t last.
Put in the effort to read up on the person you are inspired by.

By reading up again and again, you will be able to gain new insights and discover new things you previously missed.

2) Watch YouTube videos of inspiring people

Social media makes it extremely easy today to be inspired. It’s right at your computer, or mobile phone.
Just log on, and type in a few simple keywords. You can easily start with, “Inspiration”, and the results alone would overwhelm you.
It’s that easy. No excuses. Just go.
Then re-watch them whenever you feel like it.

3) Get live inspiration from an event

It’s always easy to read up or watch something really inspiring. However, nothing beats real live inspiration you can both see and feel.

I am break-dancer myself. As much as I love watching YouTube videos of the best dancers in the world, watching local dancers doing their thing in front of me inspires me the most.

Trust me, it’s that different when it comes to learning from books, and learning with your own senses.
And oh guess what? One event isn’t enough though. Keep going for’em!

4) Conduct interviews

It is through interviews where you get gain the most personal insights and knowledge from a single source.
Simply out, doing an interview is like getting free mentoring.

I’ve done a few interviews on my own, and I got to ask the questions I personally want.
How inspiring is that?

5) Talk to elderly folks

It’s a sad fact in life that senior citizens don’t get the respect they deserve. They are ironically cast into a class of their own and supposedly unable to keep up with the times.

But when you do that, you’re actually missing out on the fact that elderly folks are people who lived longer and have seen the times!

They have real-life knowledge for a view on life that can definitely get you thinking.
Be inspired by that, because whatever that’s happening around you now, is thanks to them.

6) Talk to younger people

…Talk to younger people too.

Young people have the energy to be the visionaries that break the rules and achieve things nobody has before.

I’m always surprised to watch young break-dancers improve way faster than the rest of us! That just inspires me to push myself forward!

7) Now, be the inspiration

Emulate your heroes.

Try out something different.

Take the steps on the path others have created.

When you feel it for yourself what actually works for you to achieve greatness in life, the inspiration would be overwhelming, so much so you definitely wouldn’t forget it.

And this is the part, you get to be the inspiration.

So don’t give up, push on and live it.

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    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Jason,
      Nice to see your comments. You continue to amaze me with lively words and energy.

      Keep up the magic that’s happening on ryzeonline.com :-)

    • Thanks Jason!

      Yes we have one scheduled. I sent it to you already no?

      I get inspired by the young’s energy. I get inspired by the elderly’s insights on life, something you can’t find in the news.
      Alden recently posted..Plastic surgery: Use the world to your advantageMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Thanks Jason,
      You know friend, my Photoshop skills don’t let me sleep happily :-(

      I hope, this new header is easy on the eyes and pleasant.

  1. Inspiration or In-spirit-ion? We are born programmed to do exciting and valuable activities in life. We just require a trigger to act on it. Very well written article by Alden about how to take self responsibility to trigger the excitement and serve the purpose of our existance.

  2. Alden – Great post topic man, but I think you can actually take this to the next level. I believe this post here is about Motivation. Motivation is external, all of your tips are fantastic for motivation. Motivation is what doesn’t last, but Inspiration CAN LAST. That’s because Inspiration is internal. If what inspires us is tied to our passion, it becomes an Internal fire that we can rely upon by “digging deeper”.
    Steve Baines recently posted..Why Inspiration is More Effective than Motivation; What Great Leaders KnowMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Steve,
      Welcome to planetnaveen.com and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Alden’s post.

      I feel inspiration and motivation are interwoven topics.

      Sometimes we get inspired by something and over the time the inspiring thought (if not acted upon) moves into our subconscious mind rather than being in conscious mind.

      I think, what Alden tried to say here is about the ways using which we can bring back those inspiring thoughts from subconscious mind to conscious mind.

      Alden, your thoughts on this?

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Interesting, I never thought of it that way.

      The thing is, I think most people read inspiration as some one-hit-wonder kind of thing, when you can easily be inspired anywhere, any time.

      It was a dancer who I respect a lot, actually taught me that I need to constantly re-inspire myself to go for it.
      Alden recently posted..Plastic surgery: Use the world to your advantageMy Profile

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