I am Turning Into A Minimalist And I Just Bought An iPad

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Minimalism and ipad go hand in hand

Confusing? In fact the definition of minimalism and simple living itself has various versions. And what an iPad got to do with minimalist living and simple lifestyle?

Mind you, this article is neither a review, nor about sharing the excitement that I am feeling currently by owning this new device, iPad. Rather,this post is about how a gadget can actually help you to organize your life and free you from your involvement in various scattered devices. This post is how a non-minimalist and super cool gadget, if used  in right way can amazingly simplify your life .

Why did I buy iPad when I already had a laptop and that too at a stage of life where i am limiting my expenses and releasing myself from burden of unwanted things which I never used?

That’s exactly the story which I am going to share with you in this article.

Buying an iPad was never a spontaneous decision.And I am not one of those who are ‘upgrade’ hungry. I am not addicted to latest versions. I am not bothered to upgrade and I don’t need a latest version just because it is cool to have one.

Here comes the real reason behind my purchase of iPad. Since long time, I wanted to centralize and digitize all the aspects of my life. In fact , some years ago I even tried creating an application of my own in Visual Basic (mind you, I am a mulch-lingual computer programmer). I had named that application as Digital Life (I know it’s really a cool name). Unfortunately, I couldn’t really take that application further.

When I meant digitize my life ,I wanted to do things like below list

  • Centralize all my various passwords at one place
  • Keep record of my bank accounts
  • Keep records of my assets and liabilities
  • Keep records of my finances (investments and deposits)
  • Digitize my professional records (This is no more required as LinkedIn works fine for me)
  • Scan all my important documents and keep them in a central place. Believe me, I have tough time in finding important documents when they are really required (This is a new requirement)
  • Keep record of important stuff like technical stuff and notes. I often write notes on a paper notepad and they get lost somewhere and not easily retrievable
  • Capture instant ideas and store them for later viewing an actions. This one is big for me because, ideas are like bubbles on water. You need to capture them immediately and record them. You might not even remember what was this idea if you don’t document it somewhere. Papers are again bad in storing and retrieving information
  • Read/write blog posts while i am on the move (This is a new requirement and believe me, a phone/ laptop didn’t meet this purpose)

Some of the requirements are my recent plans such as scanning and blogging were not in my original list when I was creating that app.

Enter the world of tablets and with iPad, I can say that most of the above requirements are met (I already found the suitable apps for my requirements and setting up things further).  I am writing this post from my iPad and is am typing faster than I type on my laptop, which is great stuff. I am using the app keeper for password management. Evernote for writing my blog posts. I use Flip board app for checking tweets and news related to blogging and technology. DocScan HD for scanning document and converting into PDF. I might use AudioMemos or Garageband for creating some audio files if I decide to do podcasts in future.

Other useful apps that I didn’t expect they even exist. They are Analytics for iPad, iSense and Mail chimp stats.

iBook and Kindle for iPad are great as well.

So far things have been great with iPad.

I am amused by the quality that Apple produces.

Price is a relative term. But creating a wonderful user experience is result of constant efforts towards innovation and research. Apple surely has put its heart in producing some of the finest products and iPad not an exception for that. I don’t think apple products are over priced. It’s only that their prices are over hyped.

Minimalism and iPad go hand in hand


Because iPad eliminates the need of multiple gadgets such as a laptop and desktop. It speeds up your productivity by offering rich apps. It makes typing a fun affair.

Only flip side to it is it can get you addicted if you chose to. And I don’t. Because as I said earlier, I am turning into a minimalist.

For me, minimalism is not stopping buying gadgets or things, it is reversing the habit of buying things which you don’t actually need. An iPad, in my experience so far, will help my life to become more organized and more manageable.

An iPad can manage your life digitally and it can be fun.

Over to you

What you feel about buying an iPad can simplify your life? Do you have an iPad and how are you using it primarily? I am eager to know :-)



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (https://nvisiondigital.in)


  1. Neeta Kulkarni

    Good Article… Keep Writing… :-)

  2. Very informative and motivating.. Congrats for your new iPad and thanks for sharing some of its benefits as well as your experience using it..

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Thanks Adeeb. I am glad that you enjoyed this post :-)

  3. Vinod

    Congratulations.. for your new ipad.. Very excellent information.. keep it up..

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