Journey Of Life And The Real Purpose Of Your Existence

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Journey is wonderful than destination

If you Live in the Past, it will Ruin Your Future – Debra Roberts

Most of us rush through the life to reach various destinations, to achieve different goals.

Some goals are set by us, some by parents and some by circumstances.

Goals could be about achieving fantastic grades in exams, turning into super rich over the next 5 years or dream of having a great lifestyle and so on. Goals could be anything.

I am not discussing about goals today.

I am discussing about your life that exists between your goals. In fact , a life that should have been existed between your goals. A life which was never lived.

Yes, I am discussing about your journey of life, not the destination.

Most of the people miss to enjoy their journey of life. They condition themselves to believe that life’s happiness lives in destinations. They hop from one destination to another in search of happiness. They  ignore the beauty of process. They underestimate the pleasure of doing. They always live in tomorrows. Once they achieve a goal, they aim for another. Then comes the next one. They create their own belief system that life’s happiness always lives in destinations, achievements, landmarks. Every other day is ordinary for them.

Thinking and planning about tomorrow is not bad thing either. However, what  I am concerned is about the life you missed to live today. About the moments which were stolen by your ‘busy’ness. I am concerned about the happiness which got trapped under the burden of pressure of achieving. I am worried about the human element of yours which is slowly succumbing to digitalism and the virtual world.

Have you ever imagined that how many such moments of happiness are trapped under the overweight of your ‘busy’ness?

Those happy and thrilling moments live in the journey of your life and were supposed to experienced, felt and enjoyed.

You lived them either under the pressure of targets, stole the time which was supposed to shared with your loved one for doing something else less important or you were holding yourself back when an opportunity was in front of you.

Basically, you were not living in today.

With this writing, I am inviting you to come back to today. I request you to synchronize your body and mind to now, this moment. Whatever the moment could be happening with you now, I want you to experience it , feel it with a human element. I want you to live in today’s reality. I ask you to emotionally attach yourself to now. This is the life happening to you. Everything else is just a hope.

People often get frustrated because of their life’s happening and lose themselves in trap of regret. They either regret their past or worry about future. The truth is they are trying to escape from today.

They want what others already have. They want to be the first one to upgrade. They want to grow up fast. They want to finish their colleges fast and start earning. They want to become managers fast and grow further fast.

Growth is essence of life. However, I am referring to progressive growth. It is not based on how speed you go. It’s based on which direction you are going. People who achieve tangible results, always focused on today and that automatically plants seeds for better tomorrow. Mediocre people, however look for shortcuts, quick fixes, because they underestimate the smartness of hard work.

People who look for shortcuts either end up with accidents or meet with frustration. Because, they embraced speed on a wrong track.

It all starts at one fundamental aspect. Start enjoying your life’s journey. Be it whatever you are doing.

Where ever you are, be there – Raam dev

Life is not forcing yourself to hop from one destination to other destination. Life is not only about success and money. Life is not about having all the latest gadget when it is launched. Life is also not falling in comparison trap.

Life is wonderful when you  respond to various emotional signals in an engaging manner. It’s about being in present. It’s about living with harmony.

Whether it is happy state or painful state, it’s all there for a reason in your life’s journey.

Real magical moments in life are not in destinations, they are in the journey which you take towards your destination. It’s not me who is telling you about this, it’s your own real life evidences. You have already witnessed these .

Ask a person who reached the top of a tallest mountain, what is most exciting part?  He will say that the journey was the most thrilling part,not the time when he was on the top of the hill.

Talk to a student who triumphed in the examination. He will talk more about his journey of preparation rather than how he actually wrote the exams.

Musicians practice for years to become notable performers. They learn each day new things. Each day is important for them.

Why people go for skydiving? It’s not all about jumping from a moving plane and reaching earth safely. It’s their quest to experience the never experienced. They seek an opportunity to explore the unexplored emotions.

I don’t say that you don’t setup landmarks or targets for achievements. You must do. However, don’t automate the journey you take for reaching there. If you are in trouble and have difficulty to solve a problem, don’t escape from it or plan a shortcut. Face the problem,attend it, solve it and move on. Let the journey continue. You are still part of the journey.

In the same way, enjoy the small moments of life. Whether it’s first drops of rainfall, an opportunity to mingle with nature while you travel, an engaging conversation with a totally unknown person helping for something, humbly listening to pain of your friend and advising him. The moments are endless.

The thrill, the struggle, the joy, uncertainty, the moments of joy. Journey has everything.  There are no destinations in life. Not even death.

As soon as you understand the value of life’s  journey, you will feel the real purpose life. Isn’t it what we all are searching for?



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (


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  1. Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for this post. We all need the reminder that it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. If we don’t find contentment along the way it certainly won’t be there when we get to the destination. I love your line “The thrill, the struggle, the joy, uncertainty, the moments of joy. Journey has everything. There are no destinations in life. Not even death.” Here’s to enjoying the journey! Thanks.
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