You don’t need to do something extraordinary to deepen your connection with everlasting happiness and soak yourself in the beauty of life.

You just need to do a simple thing.


If you work for someone, don’t just work and deliver an ordinary result. Instead, razor sharpen your focus and release your true potential. Make the challenges look small. They are really no match to your intelligence. You will start seeing an amazing growth in your career graph.

If you are a creative writer, don’t just write. Instead, release your thoughts like a flow of water. Let them flow. Don’t hold any of them within you. You will be surprised to have a totally new perspective for your writing. Let an incredible masterpiece begin.

If you are a musician, stop composing that new song now. It’s not the best one, yet. Instead, close you eyes and release all vibrant tunes hidden inside your musical soul. Don’t let music become permutation and combination of few tunes. Instead, release everything. Touch the other tunes. Create a melody which yourself want to listen again and again. Be a versatile composer.

If you are a painter, don’t focus on colors. Instead focus on ideas. Release all your imaginations onto the canvas. Then, let a marvelous piece of art take birth from your imagination. After all, art is such a wonderful media for expressing your creativity. Why have you been limiting yourself so far?

Give your loved one, a warm hug and tell them how much you love them. Love needs to be expressed. Release your affection. Talk to your near and dear ones about how much they are important in your life.

You will be delighted to experience the real warm feeling of being with family.

How did you miss to release these emotions so far?

May be because, the person reading this post is not real you. You are lost somewhere in the overwhelming digital distractions. Or may be immersed yourself too much into an illusion of speedy life.

However, life need not be so fast that you miss to enjoy the prime moments of it. Aren’t the magical moments that are recipe for a wonderful life?

I know, there is real you inside.

You just need to release him.

I promise, your world will be never same.

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