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  1. Wonderful and powerful! It’s an entirely different way of looking at how we focus on things. Instead of focusing on what we want, we should release it. By releasing it, we empty the space necessary to receive what we want. :)
    Raam Dev recently posted..Hang a Question MarkMy Profile

  2. Nice article Naveen, your enthusiasm for life is showing through it.
    It is close to what I am feeling these days, to get out of the way and let creativity express itself through me, to have faith, to let go, to follow my heart…
    Thanks for a beautiful reminder. :)
    Rahul Singh recently posted..Overcoming distressMy Profile

    • I am delighted that you liked the post :-)

      I surprise myself so many times when I crack an impossible code in office which I initially thought alien to me. When I take a closer look at what made me to crack this so called complex code, boils down to a simple thing. I release my potential by sharpening the focus on what I am working upon. This method works like a magic.

  3. good one bro!!!!!! really motivates me now to perform and accomplish more than what I am doing now.
    keep writing…u really make a difference…. looking forward to another motivating stuff……

  4. Hi Naveen,
    I like your idea. We can never know what we are truly capable of if we don’t get out of our comfort zones.
    There are inspiring and uplifting stories that shows examples of what men have accomplished because of creativity and vision of a better future and they have sometimes pushed themselves to the limit because of these.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Theresa Torres recently posted..Gift Wrap: Wrapping Up a SmileMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa,
      Getting out of comfort zone is indeed the first step towards the journey of achieving something extraordinary.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)

  5. By tapping into your inner radiance, you can truly unleash your greatest power– the power of your essence.

    By putting all your heart and soul into something, the results will be breathtakingly beautiful.

    Great post:)

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