image of how to wake up early

From Lazy To Early Riser In 4 Easy Steps

image of how to wake up early

The sleeping fox catches no poultry- Benjamin Franklin

Procrastination is a serious disease that can slow down the progress of any person and prevent him from reaching his goals no matter how clever he was.

Procrastination can take many forms but one of its worst forms is waking up late or wasting a lot of time sleeping.

Your productivity during a day is governed by the amount of time you spend awake and so you if you gave in to bad sleeping habits then you will find that your progress in life slowed down too much.

So how can you become an early riser?

1.Break the cycle

If you have been waking up late for the past few days or weeks then you must break the cycle by waking up early one day even if you didn’t get enough sleep. Most people think that if they slept late then they have no other option but to wake up late. This is actually wrong. The only way to adjust your sleeping habits is to force yourself to wake up early one day so that you find yourself tired at the end of the day and so sleep early.

2.Do you want to wake up?

this sounds like a strange question but lets think about it. When you are about to travel to a new country for a vacation, don’t you find yourself eager to wake up even if you didn’t get enough sleep? Of course you do. And the reason is that you want to wake up. Sometimes waking up late is a kind of protest which the person unconsciously makes when he doesn’t want to face those uninteresting tasks he has to do throughout the day. If that’s the case then you need to examine your daily tasks and find out why they appear as burdens? Are you in a right profession or job?

3.Play around with your biological clock

we all know that the biological clock is the inner device that regulates our energy throughout the day. Good news is that you can control your biological clock to a great extent!! As soon as you wake up, try to get exposed to sunlight for sometime (by opening all windows for example) this wont only make you feel energetic but it will alert the biological clock timing in a such a way that will help you sleep better when the night comes. On the contrary if you didn’t get exposed to sunlight your biological clock wont be adjusted and you might not feel like sleeping at night.

4.Are you getting enough sleep?

Insomnia or the lack of the ability to sleep at night can be the reason you don’t wake up early. Insomnia has many causes but in most cases the reasons are psychological. If you don’t want to sleep because you feel that you didn’t get enough of that day then you might never be able to wake up early the next day. Find out the reasons that are preventing you from sleeping at night especially the psychological ones and after you deal with them you won’t have any problems in getting a good night sleep.

I hope you liked the techniques for becoming an early riser.

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  1. Thank you so much Naveen
    Glad to see my post here :)

  2. Hey Farouk and Naveen,
    It took me many years to get my sleep under control. I used to be very undisciplined bit I can now wake up every morning at 6:00 am without an alarm clock.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..The Moon Is A Death StarMy Profile

    • Thats awesome Justin,
      I think, it’s our internal alarm clock that makes us wake up rather than the phyisical clock.

      In fact, the tips shared by Farouk are really useful.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Naveen Kulkarni recently posted..20 Best Blogs on Simplicity And MinimalismMy Profile

    • that’s great Justin :)
      in egypt where i live its a big challenge
      no one here sleeps before 1 am lol
      so when you find everybody awake it takes a lot of effort to do the opposit

  3. Hi Naveen,
    When i saw the title, i thought the article was going to be about our early days in Dubai, when we had to get to work very early :)

    Good to see that you have got into the habit


    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Raja,
      Nice to see your comment :-)
      You are actually very close. Getting up early was actually pain in the beginning when we initially started here at Dubai , especially to break that “sweet sleep” moments. But then , once we made a habit of getting up early, it became easy.

      I am very glad that you still remember my blog. I guess I had mentioned about this to you sometime back when you were in Dubai.

      Keep in touch

  4. Hi Farouk,

    I think you have studied the topic really well. I am facing this problem since last couple months, but meditation and keeping my digestion system in tact I am successfully managing this problem.

    I liked the point–Waking up early even if you didn’t get enough sleep previous night. I will follow this now.

    Thanks! :)
    Avadhut l FinanceWalk recently posted..Top Future Careers- Make The Best Of TheseMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Avdhut,
      I am glad that you liked Farouk’s post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)

    • thanks for your nice words Avadhut
      its nice to meet you
      keep in touch :)

  5. Amie


    Great post, I am currently out of work and so I really struggle to get up early as I know I have no set reason to.
    I also find it hard to get to sleep at night, so I find myself too tired to get up early.
    But for the past few weeks I planned to get up at the time I normally would if I was working and catch the early bus into town (like I would have done with my previous job) just as a reason to get me up early and into that routine again, but I have failed each time.
    I have planned to do it tomorrow and I need to do it to get some passport photos sorted, so here’s hoping I can push myself.
    It sounds like such a normal thing for people who do it on a daily basis, but when you are out of that routine, it becomes hard!

    Thanks again for the post.
    I love being able to find articles like this when I am lacking in motivation!

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