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  1. Great list! This has been very helpful to me. Thank your putting this together, but I would like to point out your link to Leo’s mnmlist site has an incorrect link associated with it. It is missing the i in the url it is linked to.

  2. I agree with these things but everyone cannot doing all the things, I m also starts a minimalism life, in the begging I’m also face many difficulties with minimalism life but if you know the real meaning of minimalism then will enjoy a happy and stress free life. If you faced the difficulties, you can contact the companies. These companies provide the services for minimalism life.
    Ulrich Ganz recently posted..Minimalistisch lebenMy Profile

  3. Truly a great list. I am familiar with almost half of the listed blogs and I am glad to have discovered a few more. I wonder why there are no Indian blogs on minimalism yet. I am sure living a simple life must appeal to many Indians. It is only our generation which has gone blinded by consumerism. Our fathers and forefathers believed in simple and frugal lifestyles, isn’t it?

  4. Well well well so much new blogs that I can take inspiration form! I’m only beginning my journey to minimalism as so but I find it fascinating and the way people co working…. I love it.

    I would be happy if you could have a look in week or two how my journey goes as I writing about it on my blog.

    Thanks again for list!

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