20 Best Blogs on Simplicity And Minimalism

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

Isn’t it true? In our quest for success and happiness, we surround ourselves with so much clutter that, our focus gets easily distracted, efforts will be scattered and results will be mediocre.

So, it has become really important for all of us to eliminate unwanted distractions and focus on what we really want to achieve. When you live an uncluttered life, you will have more time, peace of mind and more happiness.

I decided to list some of the amazing blogs which teach you how minimalism can enable you to live a more happier, content life and achieve want you want. They educate you how to simplify your life and  guide you to get more with less.

So without much delay, presenting you some of the best blogs on minimalism and simplicity. They are in no particular order.

1.The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus write essays about minimalism and living a meaningful life.

Recommended articles:

Check out their very popular book Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

2.Raam Dev

Raam Dev writes essays and journals about creativity, abundance. He explores human nature, our growing planetary social responsibility and our place in the cosmos.

Recommended articles:

3. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is well known for his principles for simple living. He has authored many books on simplicity which are extremely popular.Recommended articles:

4. Miss Minimalist

Francine Jay inspires us to live a beautiful life with less stuff. Check this blog out.

Recommended articles:


5. Every Day Minimalist

Living with less, but only with best. That’s what the tagline of this blog reads. How awesome. Check the awesome articles written by Serena.

Recommended articles:

6. Unclutterer

Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized.

Recommended articles:

7. Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker writes about simplifying your life.

Recommended articles:




8. Be More With Less

Be more with less is a blog about simplifying your life and really living.

Recommended articles:

9. Minimalist Packrat

Tanja Hoaglnd and Patrick Ray writes amazing articles on Minimalism.

Recommended articles:

10. Minimalism Defined

A Blog about minimalist lifestyle.

Recommended articles:

11. Simple Productivity

L J Earnest writes about new ways to be productive and simplify life.

Recommended articles:

12 .Rowdy Kittens

Rowdy Kittens is a blog about shedding unnecessary stuff to focus on what matters, like spending time with friends and family.

Recommended articles:

13. 365 Less Things

Very interesting and enjoyable blog where author Colleen writes about de-cluttering life.

Recommended articles:

14. Minimal Student

Jessica Dang is a photographer and guitarist and writes about simplicity. She aims to live fearlessly, constantly learning and exploring what it means to be human.

Recommended articles:

15. Mnmlist

Leo babuta’s blog on minimalism. I don’t think Leo needs another introduction :-)

Recommended articles:

16. Zen Family Habits

Zen Family Habits is a celebration of all things family. It’s about living simply and with presence of mind. It’s about cultivating healthy, meaningful, relationships with loved ones.

Recommended articles:

17. Momentum Gathering

Katie Tallo is a mother, wife, writer, director, artist, fitness lover, vegetarian, motivator and momentum gatherer. Her mission is to seek out simple, soulful ways to live, eat, move, create and flow with life.

Recommended articles:

18. Simple Rabbit

Simple Rabbit shares articles, advice, hacks and tips for achieving an awesome life through minimalism

Recommended articles:

19. Small Simple Life

Small Simple Life is a blog about simplicity.

Recommended articles:

20. The Minimalist Path

Recommended articles:

Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best blogs on simplicity and minimalism.

There are some amazing books written about minimalism and minimalist living. We have handpicked few of them for your reference. Check them out below

The Power of Less: By Leo Babuta

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify

The Practical Minimalist: How I simplified my life, retired early, and pursued my dreams

Simplify: By Joshua Becker

See you in next post.

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  1. Thanks. Feels good to be on this list.

    Joshua & Ryan
    Joshua & Ryan | The Minimalists recently posted..Our First Book — Minimalism: Essential EssaysMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for including me. It’s an honour to be on this great list.
    Katie recently posted..The Power of Baby StepsMy Profile

  3. Hey Naveen,
    I have read some of these blogs and look forward to checking some of the others out as well. For me minimalism is all about getting rid of the uneeded and unwanted and only having what is useful and what serves us.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..The Ego Mind And The Higher MindMy Profile

  4. Thank you for including Patrick and I on your list Naveen. Very kind of you. ;)

    Tanja Hoagland @Minimalist Packrat recently posted..Take It BackMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:

      Tanja and Patrick,
      Pleasure is mine. Your blog has some amazing content and I enjoyed reading it.

      Keep inspiring.

  5. Hi Naveen,
    thank you for including 365 Less Things on your list of 20 best simplicity/minimalist blogs. I am honoured. Many of these other blogs I have heard of and enjoy already but I am eager to check out some of the ones I haven’t. Thank you also for bringing them to my attention.
    Colleen @ 365lessthings.com recently posted..Simple Saturday ~ One man’s trash is another man’s treasureMy Profile

  6. I am definitely going to take the time to read these. Thanks for the list :)
    Ramy Khuffash recently posted..Using the Google +1 button to provide exclusive content using the onClick event!My Profile

  7. Hi Naveen,

    Thanks for sharing this list. This is the first blog I have seen that created a list for simplicity and minimalism. Looking forward to more of your posts.
    Vic recently posted..The Key To Happiness is Loving YourselfMy Profile

  8. quite a great collection Naveen
    minimalism is a becomming a more and more popular topic everyday
    thank you for sharing:))

  9. Thanks so much for this comprehensive list! I love reading others perspectives on this lifestyle that I am enjoying so much.
    Dawn Michelle @ Minimalist Beauty recently posted..DIY Lavender Coconut DeodorantMy Profile

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Welcome to planetnaveen.com

      I am glad that you enjoyed the list. Hope to see you around again :-)

  10. This is an amazing list. I will make one soon and be sure to add yours to it. Your writing is beautiful!
    Tony@WeOnlyDoThisOnce recently posted..Embrace RepetitionMy Profile

  11. Great list! This has been very helpful to me. Thank your putting this together, but I would like to point out your link to Leo’s mnmlist site has an incorrect link associated with it. It is missing the i in the url it is linked to.

  12. I’m just curious. Has anyone ever done a study to find out how many professed minimalists there are in America? Male to female ratio? Geographic distribution? Income levels? Political opinions?
    Felix Erude recently posted..Pay It Forward True StoryMy Profile

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