20 Best Blogs on Simplicity And Minimalism

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

Isn’t it true? In our quest for success and happiness, we surround ourselves with so much clutter that, our focus gets easily distracted, efforts will be scattered and results will be mediocre.

So, it has become really important for all of us to eliminate unwanted distractions and focus on what we really want to achieve. When you live an uncluttered life, you will have more time, peace of mind and more happiness.

I decided to list some of the amazing blogs which teach you how minimalism can enable you to live a more happier, content life and achieve want you want. They educate you how to simplify your life and  guide you to get more with less.

So without much delay, presenting you some of the best blogs on minimalism and simplicity. They are in no particular order.

1.The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus write essays about minimalism and living a meaningful life.

Recommended articles:

Check out their very popular book Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

2.Raam Dev

Raam Dev writes essays and journals about creativity, abundance. He explores human nature, our growing planetary social responsibility and our place in the cosmos.

Recommended articles:

3. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is well known for his principles for simple living. He has authored many books on simplicity which are extremely popular.Recommended articles:

4. Miss Minimalist

Francine Jay inspires us to live a beautiful life with less stuff. Check this blog out.

Recommended articles:


5. Every Day Minimalist

Living with less, but only with best. That’s what the tagline of this blog reads. How awesome. Check the awesome articles written by Serena.

Recommended articles:

6. Unclutterer

Unclutterer is the blog about getting and staying organized.

Recommended articles:

7. Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker writes about simplifying your life.

Recommended articles:




8. Be More With Less

Be more with less is a blog about simplifying your life and really living.

Recommended articles:

9. Minimalist Packrat

Tanja Hoaglnd and Patrick Ray writes amazing articles on Minimalism.

Recommended articles:

10. Minimalism Defined

A Blog about minimalist lifestyle.

Recommended articles:

11. Simple Productivity

L J Earnest writes about new ways to be productive and simplify life.

Recommended articles:

12 .Rowdy Kittens

Rowdy Kittens is a blog about shedding unnecessary stuff to focus on what matters, like spending time with friends and family.

Recommended articles:

13. 365 Less Things

Very interesting and enjoyable blog where author Colleen writes about de-cluttering life.

Recommended articles:

14. Minimal Student

Jessica Dang is a photographer and guitarist and writes about simplicity. She aims to live fearlessly, constantly learning and exploring what it means to be human.

Recommended articles:

15. Mnmlist

Leo babuta’s blog on minimalism. I don’t think Leo needs another introduction :-)

Recommended articles:

16. Zen Family Habits

Zen Family Habits is a celebration of all things family. It’s about living simply and with presence of mind. It’s about cultivating healthy, meaningful, relationships with loved ones.

Recommended articles:

17. Momentum Gathering

Katie Tallo is a mother, wife, writer, director, artist, fitness lover, vegetarian, motivator and momentum gatherer. Her mission is to seek out simple, soulful ways to live, eat, move, create and flow with life.

Recommended articles:

18. Simple Rabbit

Simple Rabbit shares articles, advice, hacks and tips for achieving an awesome life through minimalism

Recommended articles:

19. Small Simple Life

Small Simple Life is a blog about simplicity.

Recommended articles:

20. The Minimalist Path

Recommended articles:

Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best blogs on simplicity and minimalism.

There are some amazing books written about minimalism and minimalist living. We have handpicked few of them for your reference. Check them out below

The Power of Less: By Leo Babuta

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify

The Practical Minimalist: How I simplified my life, retired early, and pursued my dreams

Simplify: By Joshua Becker

See you in next post.

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7 Easy and Practical Ways for Saving Money

money saving tips

This is a guest post by  John. To guest post on this blog, please check our guest  post page.

Money is like sand, the more you try to keep it in your hand, the more it slips away. Hence it is quite pertinent for your personal finance management that you find ways to keep money in hand. Here are 7 money saving tips you can follow to save money and stay out of debt.

  • Budget your expenses – One of the foremost requirements of saving money is living on a budget. You should not have the misconception that living on a budget means giving up on your luxuries altogether. It just means that using luxuries judiciously and living within your means.
  • Buy during sale – You should buy products, especially clothing and other accessories during sale. Different shops in the mall give sale at different times. Hence if there is just one color of jacket that you feel you have to buy, you can wait till sales to see if it is there. Taking into consideration probability, you are bound to find it in one shop or the other.
  • Use coupons- This is another way of saving money. You can collect coupons from magazines or even download them from different websites. There are websites which are only meant for downloading coupons. While there are also websites of brands that gives you coupons to download from time to time. These coupons provide you discount when you go for shopping.
  • Use generic products – For things that you don’t need a brand such as many grocery items and household products, you can use generic products. Most often you won’t even feel the difference.
  • Buy non-perishable items in bulk – When you are buying non-perishable grocery products you can buy them in bulk. This will help you to get discount in all shops.
  • Minimize the use of credit cards – Credit cards are the main culprit behind you living beyond your means. They help you to satiate your immediate wants, thereby darkening your future with debt. Use credit cards as little as possible.
  • Save on utilities – Save on utilities such as electricity and telephone bills. Also try to use public transport as much as you can to save on gas. You will be surprised at how much you can save by doing these.

I hope above tips help you for saving and keeping money in hand.

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Featured on UnLockTheDoor.net

Hi dear reader,

Hope you are doing great. Just wanted to let you know that I have guest posted an article titled The Incredible Benefits Of Saying No on one of the amazing personal development blog unlockthedoor.net run by Stuart Mills.

‘The Incredible Benefits Of Saying No’ – tells you about how we are overloading ourselves by saying ‘Yes’ to everything that comes our way. It also explores the scenarios where a ‘Yes’ has actually led to a ‘no. It guides you to optimize your time for your passions and prioritizes your commitments. It helps you to live a stress-free life.

Check this article out. It’s well received by wonderful audience of unlockthedoor.net.

Go and join the amazing discussion happening over there :-)

Here is the link again : The Incredible Benefits of Saying No

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