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23 Winning Ideas For a Wonderful Life

“Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea” – Jim Rohn.

Life is beautiful and actually most of the life’s challenges are simple. It’s we, who make them appear complicated by misunderstanding missing to see their details. If we pay attention to their details, we will discover that these challenges are actually simple and life can be easier. Life has so many wonderful things to offer us. It has success, fame and much more. It has hidden treasures. Life is beautiful. It’s just that we need to observe life’s details and discover the hidden treasures.

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t try to discover life. They just sail along with the life. They instead, create a layer of self limitation around them and try adjusting themselves to the situation.

They chase happiness but fail to recognize it when it is already in front of them. They live life in fear and their life lacks the most important ingredient of life, self satisfaction.

How can you discover the hidden treasure that life has to offer you then?
How can you be more productive at work?
How can you become rich?
How can you stay rich?
How can you accomplish more and live a content life?
How can you live a wonderful life?

Is there an answer for these questions? If so what is it then?

Answer for above questions lies in an idea. A winning idea is all it takes to unlock the hidden treasure that life has inside it. Once you unlock, magic begins and all treasure is yours. A winning idea can help us to realize our true potential. In fact just a bunch of powerful ideas can change our life.

What is an idea basically? How do we define and bring it into our life?

An idea can be a completely new concept for doing things or a new method of enhancing existing process. It can also be just a thought which acts as catalyst for other ideas. An idea can hit your mind in just a flash or it could be residing in your mind since decades. Your success or failure depends upon whether you implement that idea or not.

I have such 23 ideas written and organized into an eBook and explained the ideas chapter by chapter. eBook is short, yet easy on the eye with minimum graphics and printer friendly.

This book is all about couple of winning ideas. I tried to share few ideas which you can use,implement and experiment in your daily life and benefit. Most of the ideas are simple, achievable and amazing. Some ideas are innovative and some offer new way of doing existing things. In a nutshell, this book is all about achieving success and living a content life.

Below are the ideas that are discussed and explained in detail by chapter by chapter in the book.

1. Eliminate fear from your life

2.Discover your true passion: Let your passion enrich your life

3.Discover the potential of your talent and make your living life out of it

4.Have enthusiasm for learning new things

5.Learn effective communication

6.Create a habit of waking up early

7.Develop a habit of reading great books

8.Work when you are work


10.Don’t work for money

11.Meet and learn from people who run business of any form

12.Avoid getting trapped in debt

13.Honesty pays

14.Life is fast, its a myth. Take time to enjoy every moment of life

15.Remove stress from your life

16.Better late than never

17.Health is wealth

18.Visit museums and understand history


20.Experience happiness by creating something of your own

21.Develop a hobby and nurture it

22.Offer free service

23.Focus on 3 things: Learning, health and family

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Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (


  1. Hey Naveen,
    Once we decide to sail through life it becomes dull to me. I enjoy life and even the tiniest details about it amuse me.

    Your eBook sounds like it has many good topics in it.

  2. Naveen Kulkarni

    Very much true.
    I happy that you liked my book

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