Naveen is one of the humblest human beings who are passionate about many things but works on one at a time. He enjoys his day working on software programs for the large corporate organization and late nights, writing about his life experiences on this blog.


  1. Hi Naveen! I have read this post in DailyBlogTips. Thanks for sharing it! Really a great help for noobs like me!=D

  2. @Googler,
    Glad to hear that you liked my post on DBT. Wishing you good luck for blogging. Any assistance or help needed, feel free to contact me through my contact form.
    Naveen Kulkarni

  3. of course i know about dailyblogtips
    that’s a Good job Naveen
    good luck :)

  4. Naveen Kulkarni

    Thanks :-)

  5. Would love to read more updated information. Bookmarking it.

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