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Dear reader,
It has been over an year since I started this blog and I am so excited to share that it has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience to me.I am also delighted to share with you that is now a PR2 blog.

I might not have posted large number of articles (since I am a full time employee who writes lots of code at day job in software), but what’s delighting for me is, through this part time blogging, I am able to connect with so many new people and it feels really good to see their emails, comments. Another set of people have subscribed to my mailing list and this is a incredible beginning.

For a change, I tried to write an off-topic post today. I thought , let me share my blog tools and a picture of my work station with the most important part of my blog. You, the reader.

picture of naveen kulkarni

So here I go. Below are some of the blog tools and software that I use.

Hardware and Accessories

Desktop Computer – Un-branded and 11 Years old. This one never going to retire :-)
I am amazed by this PC since I am using this since last 11 years and it has well tolerated my numerous experiments whether its software installations or disk partitioning or playing with heavy applications. Though some times its RAM crashed, this PC still rocks. Though currently it has become my secondary computer, I still love to work on it whenever I travel back to India.

Laptop – Acer Core2Duo – 320Gig and 2 GB Ram
I bought this very recently since I relocated to Dubai and badly needed computer to continue my blogging.Acer was good choice since it fit nicely into my budget . I am not one of those who spend lots of money on getting the latest version in everything. I just need basic features.

A Kindle – Kindle has been very useful to me since I love reading. Kindle helped me to read lots of great books especially while I am traveling. You may want to know more about how kindle can change your reading habits here.

Olympus SP600Uz – This medium range camera has been a latest addition to my blog army. Not very sure how much this would be useful but my main idea while buying this was to use it as a tool for capturing creative pictures and use them for my blog posts.

A Notebook – Paper still rules. I scribble ideas onto this.

Software Tools

Adobe Photo Shop : This tool helps me in various ways such as for creating headers and eBook covers.

FileZilla : File upload tool. If you are searching for file upload tool, you can freely download it here.

Adobe Dreamweaver : Excellent tool for editing HTML and php files. I create custom HTML pages using these. It helps in tweaking php code as well. Check, how I created a squeeze page using Dreamweaver.

Open Office : Document creating tool. It also helps in creating eBook since it has save as PDF capabilities.

Image Converter: Image resizing made easy.

Word Web online dictionary : This helps me in improving my vocabulary.

WordPress platform : An amazing content management software. I love WordPress. runs on this. Undoubtedly this is the best blog tool available.

Programming Tools

Some of the programming I learned exclusively after I started blogging: CSS, php,FBML, Adobe Photoshop. Check my facebook page which I created using FBML. Simple, yet works for me.

Email Subscription Management

Google feedburner manages my mailing list very well. I did experiment with mailchimp for a while but again back to feedburner because of its simplicity. I have customized feedburner email subscription form a bit so that it includes my free eBook image as well.

Traffic Tracking Tool

Google analytics.

What’s plan for future

An i-Pad (since Dubai has lots of WiFi spots) and a large screen desktop in hardware side. In software side, upgrading to aweber email subscription management tool once my subscriber base reaches large numbers.Another strong reason for switching to aweber would be utilizing the feature of automatic delivery of ebook when someone subscribes to my blog.

I will continue to use free theme Neoclassical theme on this blog since it looks clean and meets my requirement in terms of blog’s look and feel very much.

Above are some of the blog tools I use for blogging.

I would like to hear from you, what blog tools you use for blogging. I would be very much interested to know :-)




Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (

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