Why Discovering Your True Passion is So Important in Life?

Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life  ~  Harvey MacKay

Is success in life measured only in terms of the money one has earned or by the position he has reached in his career?

According to me, what matters more than money or the position one holds is the quality of life one is living. One might be successful and have all the money but if his quality of life is poor then he may not live a content life because success alone will not bring peace to life. Quality of life not necessarily depends on the monetary aspects. A content and happy life needs more than money. A passionate living is much more than achieving success.

So, are we living the life which realizes our true potential?  Are we living a content life? Are we living a passionate life?

Passion, is such a wonderful word. This single factor that has created miracles in our world. Great music, wonderful sportsmen, awesome writers , technologists , businessmen, top bloggers and so on and the list is almost endless. They have influenced the world by their achievements. How were they so successful? How they stood different from the crowd? What is the secret for their achievements? Aren’t these questions pop to your mind?

Secret is simple. They were passionate in what they were doing.

In this modern age which is full of chaos and competition, people often measure the quality of life with the degree of success they achieved. This is true to some extent but not entirely.

What if a the person is hugely successful in terms of money he earned yet doesn’t have time for family or leisure? What if he spends his whole day in  stressful conditions and needs to pop a pill to even get a normal sleep?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against earning money, in fact money is surely vital for all of us. But what I am asking you here is are you passionate in what you are doing currently? Do you actually enjoy your work or business that you are currently in?

If not, then this is the right article for you. Simply because, at the end of this article, you will have lots of information to think upon and look back at  the strategy of your life. I am here on this blog not only to inspire you to do something which brings tangible results but to also to make you realize your true potential. I am here to give you bunch of (winning) ideas.

I am adding few real life examples of what passion can do to your life and how it can transform a medicore life into a passionate and content living.

How do you know what are you actually passionate about?

Next immediate question that may arise in your mind is how one can know what exactly his passion is? One might be passionate about many things and how can passion transform his life?

These are exactly the set of questions I am going to discuss in this post.

You see, most of us believe (or conditioned to believe) that we are successful if we pass out from school or college with high marks and get a great paying job and settle in life. To this level, most of the people make it considering the quality education system and a various job opportunities. Fair enough. We have not yet discussed about role of passion here.Where does passion fit in here?

Passion fits right in the center of your education, career and your quality of life. It is the only life-defining factor which can provide you a great quality life.

A real life example

I have a childhood friend who was top ranking student till our matriculation (of course, I was also in the league of top 5). We all were supposed to choose our next education stream immediately after our results. Most of us chose a science based path or a technical path which could lead to a engineering or medical field.

However our dear friend chose a commerce path and shocked all of us.

I am not saying commerce is not a great education (in fact now I understand it has such importance) path but it appeared less glamorous to all of us ( at our maturity level at the age of 16). We all asked him that why did he do this? Why didn’t he choose a science or engineering path? He would have got a immediate job.

His answer was that,  he was passionate about commerce. He loved numbers. He had passion for reasoning exercises. And, he was right in choosing his future education path.

Over the period of time, he completed his higher secondary , degree and of course the prestigious chartered accountant course with great results. He got the job which he loved. More importantly he is able to live a content life because he chose a life path inspired by his passion.

My own story

Let me share my own story with you which is bit different from above one.
I had chosen a technical route of course not based on my passion but based on the market demands at that moment for the course. My aim was to get a job as soon as possible. I did pretty well in the course with got good results and landed with a decent job in the same area just after immediate completion of the course. I was proud of myself and went with the flow of life. Though I was working at an air-conditioned office with white color job, I started to realize that I was not really enjoying what I was doing. I was not passionate at what I was doing on a daily basis. Since my work life took most of my day’s time, it was getting tough for me to continue in the same field.

At that point, I asked myself, why I am not enjoying this job ,though to the outside world it looks like a well settled job. What I am really passionate about? Am I at a wrong place? Can I shift my career into a field where I can put my passion to work? Is it too late?

These were very important questions that I asked to myself. To find out the answers , I had to retrospect my life and look back at my activities in the past.
My activities were water color painting, writing poems, thinking differently and of course creating new music tunes. What these indicate to me? Now since I had interest in so many things, what is that I was really passionate about? Though it confused me a bit, getting a clue was not difficult. I was actually passionate about creating (something new). I was passionate about experiments and ideas.

Since I was passionate about creating something new and internet technology was booming and revolutionizing the ways people live, software programming seemed a great career option to me.

But with my current job profile and of course, without a engineering degree (I just had a 3 years diploma after matriculation) , the transition goal seemed a tough task to me. But my passion led me to right way. I completed the engineering in computers by studying part time and at the same time, enhanced my knowledge in programming by self learning. I had my breakthrough moment when I switched my career from a non programming to a programming job.

Since then, it has been a wonderful 7 years now, I enjoy each and every moment of my work and this is something which I passionately involve on daily basis. It is not stopping here. I have lots of plans for the future for creating something of my own.It could be a software or a book or something else. This blog is also result of my passion for creating.

The reason I had to share you the above two real life stories because, I want you to listen to your passion. Let your passion enlighten your life. I want you to stop existing and start living.

Don’t choose a career because its well paying in the market, or your friends or relative has chosen it but choose it if you are really passionate about it.

Discover your true passion

Coming back to the essence of this article. How to find out what you are really passionate about? How to find passion in your life?

If you ask me, I will ask you the question right back to you.

Is there something in your life for which you can spend hours of time without even looking at clock. Is there anything that makes you feel good from within ? Is there anything which reflects your true personality? It could be music, photography, writing , technology , programming, accounting, teaching or anything.

Make a list of your passions and retrospect your activities against each passion. You will get your answer. Think about it. Can you nurture your passion. Is it too late now? In my opinion, its never too late to do something good.

If you are a student and reading this article, believe me, you are the luckiest one because you have a wonderful opportunity to talk to your parents about your passion and interests. Do a research before joining a career and choose the one which allows you to put your passion at work. If you are a midlife worker who don’t enjoy your work life, then think about enhancing your knowledge and skills in the area which you are passionate about, You can gain knowledge by learning part time as well. I am sure, down the line, you will eventually move towards a better satisfying job and start enjoying a great work life. And if you feel your are working since a decade in the same field and the switchover is impossible, try to convert your passion into a hobby and start feeling good within. I have already said in the beginning of this article that passion doesn’t always associate itself with money and money is not everything in life.

Discovering the passion can happen at any stage of life. Not necessary that it should happen in childhood only. Discovery is not when you list all your interests, but when you realize that passion alone can transform your life.

So what are you waiting for, start asking questions to yourself, start retrospecting your life. Find out your true passion. Make it your life. Stop existing…Start living.

Remember, world needs passionate people. World needs you.

Good luck and eager to discuss more in the comment section.



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (https://nvisiondigital.in)


  1. Neeta Kulkarni

    Great article.

  2. Hi Naveen,
    I remember Tony Robbins always ending one of his audio-programs with the words, “Live with passion.” It’s so true and so necessary in order for us to live a fulfilling life.

    Success to me is keeping my life free from stress and pressure and full of time, energy and financial abundance.

  3. Kannan

    Very nice thoughts – many of us including me seem to be aware of this but you practise what you preach – that is where the difference is….

  4. Very well said Naveen!
    As I read somewhere – Money is the gasoline of life, you don’t want to run out of it but having extra won’t make the trip any better.
    Your story resonates deeply with me. I too had a time when I realized I was not passionate about the work I was doing to earn my bread. I too looked for what I was passionate about and found it in helping others grow, helping this world become a better place. I am a writer/blogger now and am enjoying every bit of my work :)
    Glad to have made your acquaintance and looking forward to more such articles.

  5. @ Rahul.
    Thanks for your comments. I am happy that you liked this post.

  6. ashray

    truely inspiring naveen,,gud one

  7. keyur shah

    Infact I could not stop myself copyijng your entire article to my pc before getting a fear of getting deleted or removed from web..Awesome Man ..its really gr8. for all the points u have put up here .

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Mayur,
      Glad to see that my post was beneficial to you.

  8. muhammed ap

    water coloring writing poems thinking differently creating new music were your passion you select the one that transform your life into a rich peaceful worlds . I like this .i love to become a malayalam script writer .and to become a teacher. I will try my best insha allah

  9. it really influenced me sir.nd even i always thoght d same nd i ll definitely make my life passionate

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