Productivity Improvement Series – The Myths and Dangers of Multitasking

Success SecretWe all are living in a world where complex tasks need to be done to make life simple. It’s all about simplifying the user experience and making life more comfortable. I hope I don’t need to give examples of such tasks since the list seems to be enormous in length and it applies to anything which involves creation, service or support.

Having said that, whatever may be the the nature of tasks and whatever the level of automation applied, there is a human hand/mind that actually drives these tasks ahead and only few people manage to achieve tremendous amount of success in tasks compared to others who often miss deadlines, produce poor quality results.

Why do some people perform more better than others? Is brilliance is the only factor that drives them to succeed? Two people can be equally brilliant but when it comes to productivity one may outperform the other. Why is this? There is something else that separates them from crowd, puts them on top performers list.

And that is ‘single-tasking’. Doing one thing at a time and doing it perfectly.

Single tasking might sound a strange or difficult word in this modern era where people are flooded with multiple tasks and carry the burden of simultaneous tasks.

Let me break the myths about multi-tasking. The myth that multi-tasking people are more productive. It’s wrong. They are busy, but not productive. Being busy is not same as being productive. Because, efforts are not rewarded, results are. A busy person may be putting lots of efforts without the results.

You see, when you do multiple tasks at a time,  you divide your time instead of devoting your time. That means the level of concentration needed for fulfilling the task is reduced. If your concentration/observation is low, means poor quality results. In fact, you may not achieve anything at all since you put yourself under pressure to complete the tasks. Remember, fulfilling the task is important, not just completing. Fulfillment is completing the task by dedicating quality time for it and finishing with devotion.

In multi-tasking, you create a pressure on yourself by which you are forced to attend multiple requirements that are crying for your attention. You will not be able to complete them in a satisfactory manner since your time and concentration divided. You spread yourself too thin.

By being a multi-tasking person, you miss the joy of working. You miss to see the details. You miss the joy of fulfillment.

How to improve productivity with single-tasking? What is the key for productivity improvement?

It’s Simple. Attend one task at a time. If you were assigned multiple tasks, make a list and prioritize them in order. Don’t try to work simultaneously.

If you feel you are overloaded with tasks, make sure that you say ‘No’ to some of them. Your reputation is built by the quality of work you do , not by the amount of tasks you accepted (with no results or improper results).

Involve in one task at a time and give each task complete attention and finish it to utmost satisfaction.

I can assure that this productivity improvement technique gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, peace of mind and a stress-free work life.

I want you to try this productivity improvement technique and let me know the outcome.

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  2. Neeta Kulkarni

    Very good article!!!
    Its true that if we do many tasks at a time we cant able to complete all of them is one thing and the other is the completed tasks are also not perfect. So its better that we should divide the tasks based on priorities and complete all tasks one by one.

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