9 Common Sense Habits that Can Save You from Disasters

Hi friend,

With this post, I will discuss few very important common sense habits and practices that can save you from disasters and fatal results.

Mind you, these habits are very simple yet important and only thing you need to do is implement at the right time without fail, each time, every time.

The reason I came up with this post is, in the modern world, people are getting busier each day, they do multiple tasks and a day in a modern world human consists of lots of things. Office, travel, family and bill payment and so on. A simple mistake can lead to fatal results. How to avoid these simple mistakes using the common sense is the focus of this post. Read on

Ask: Never Assume When You are in a Critical Situation
Let me start with a point which almost affects everyone, a critical situation. It could be a lost way in a new city, an important decision to be made or a mail to be sent, you name it. We all can be in some or other critical situations where we get confused what should do next. Sometimes you may have very less time to take your decision, your mind is telling you to assume your best judgment and go ahead. You almost know, you are right. You feel comfortable in following your instinct. All this said, I would suggest you to Wait. Yes, wait for few minutes and ask someone nearby. It may take you another 5 minutes to ask and get a response but it can change the game. Just get hold of someone and ask for suggestions.

Imagine you are traveling in remote area and your map says to take a particular route and you trust your instinct and tale the same. But it pays to ask and confirm the route if you see someone nearby. What if the route you were supposed to take is affected by some reason and you should have taken an alternate route?

Same applies to your work and family life, whether you are designing a very important component at office but before creating the final version, always ask the surrounding component designers and get the knowledge from them about how your design affects there are and the whole eco-system of the product.

How about family life? Even in family life, relations can get spoiled because of communication gaps. Don’t assume things and be a victim of cold war attacks, instead ask and clarify.

You will be surprised and amazed how much difference this simple common sense habits can make to your life. In the modern world, people are consuming lots of information but what’s important is the knowledge.
Asking can get you real knowledge, assuming will not.

Don’t Trust Your Memory- instead, write it down
You have sharp memory and you can almost remember anything. You remember your entire friends names, your favorite restaurants and in fact most of your friend and relative birthdays. Then why I am saying write down and what to write?
You see, let me reverse engineer. We all are remembering many things because, they are repeatedly shown, told or shown to use in many format. It could be on paper, digital, in person or via audio. Our mind has saved these things permanently because of the constant affirmations. Let me give examples of few real situations where you will realize you should not trust your memory and instead grab a pen and paper or a digital device and NOTE it down. Note that I am taking top 3 situations. List could be actually big.

Situation Number 1: You in the middle of telephone call and from the other end, you are hearing lots of important stuff which consists of name and numbers. Now even though the call may be short and crisp and you think that you can easily remember those names and numbers, hold on. Just write them down. Believe me it works wonders. Writing it down may take additional 2 minutes of your time but it will save you from disaster.

Situation Number 2: Failing to note down phone numbers, medicine names and instead trusting your memory. This habit can lead you to disaster. Always write down the phone numbers (either on paper or on a digital device) and I need not mention how important it is to write down medicine names especially if you are getting prescription over a telephone or want to use a medicine referred by a friend or relative.

Situation Number 3: Note down vehicle numbers or railways PNR numbers. You see, some (now a days most) systems work based on numbers whether it is your vehicle numbers or a registration numbers and so on. Make a habit to write them down on a paper before going to do a transaction related to these systems.

Travel light – Sometimes , Your Luggage Can be Your Biggest Nightmare
Traveling is always beautiful experience and can be a memorable journey. However, it can convert into a painful experience if you carry heavy luggages and unwanted stuff with you. I am not saying to avoid the luggage but try carrying only essential things while traveling. This will make your traveling less painful and reduce your headaches:-)

Never Trust Traffic, Plan Your Travel well in advance
Traffic can cause more damage than you can imagine. So why take chance? Even on light traffic day, leave home early to catch your flight, bus or train. There is no harm if you reach early but a traffic swell on the way can surely raise your blood pressure and eventually damaging your travel schedules.

Drink Water Even if You are not Thirsty
Thanks to Air-Condition (AC) which never makes you feel thirsty even though your body might be craving for water. Do sip water at regular intervals. Your biological clock is never wrong.
70% of our body is water. A dip in water levels can lead to mild to severe problems to your health including dehydrations, muscle cramps, poor circulation and fatigue and many more problems.

In this modern world, people often forget to drink water due to their busy lifestyle but they forget that human body is not a machine and needs constant intake of food and water.

Message is clear: drink at least 2 liters of water a day and keep health problems at bay.

Warm up Before you Hit the Gym
Pumping iron? Good. However, make sure that you do basic warm up exercises before hitting the complicated equipments. You can even start with a jogging and stretching then begin your workouts.

Above simple habit will save you from disasters such as muscle strains or even in severe cases a possible fracture. Scary?

Just warm up, it’s simple:-)

Read about Culture of a New Country Before Entering
With world becoming a small village and more and more people travel outside their home country, it becomes very important to read about other country’s culture including the travel rules. This surely helps your stay in the country you are traveling to.

Avoiding Writing Your Passwords on Paper
Another very important habit which can save you from a fatal accident is your password management practice. Never write any of your passwords (I know there will be at least hundreds of them) on a paper, board or any visible media which is not protected by you.
Instead, use digitally protected software such as Keypass which is protected by a password and you can store and maintain all your passwords at one place.

Double Check Your Email Before Sending it
This is surely for everyone who works on a wonder machine called computer. Make sure that you double check the recipient Email address before hitting that send button. You might have included a wrong person, missed an attachment or even typed a wrong content. It just takes 2 more minutes and I promise, it will be worth.

We have reached the end of a long article. I hope you enjoyed reading the same. I suggest you to share this article with friends and relatives via social media options.



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (https://nvisiondigital.in)


  1. Good stuff. I should take the double check your email option to heart. I emailed a guest article off the other day and ended up sending it to the wrong address. Luckily, it didn’t exist, so my e-mail notified me about it via a failure notice, but still!

  2. Arvind

    Excellent article .. Practical stuff


  3. Neeta kulkarni

    All points are very good. The point traveling light is very correct. And never trust traffic is also right.

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Neeta,
      I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Mahesh.Saradeshapande

    Hello Naveen,

    These points are very helpfull.

  5. Hi Naveen,
    The common sense is uncommon nowadays. About Asking people and confirming the routes is very easy but people avoid it.

  6. @Avadhut.
    Yes, a simple asking can reveal much thing.

    Thanks for reading and comments.

  7. i like that post, i loved the idea of being prepared ahead instead of waiting for the problem to happen, thank u :)

  8. niranjan

    dear naveen

    what you have told is all correct. after going through your blog i came to know what silly mistakes we do in our life. its really a good article .thanks

  9. @Niranjan,
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    Naveen Kulkarni

  10. @Farouk,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes preparing ahead and planning saves us from unexpected bad results.

  11. Amole

    Practical, authentic,Life will be great and worthwhile if applied
    The secret is application

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Amole,
      Application is the key indeed

    • Naveen Kulkarni

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