You Will Never Fail in any Job Interview After Reading these Interview Tips

Without any doubt, a job interview is most important meeting/discussion in one’s professional life and succeeding in an interview depends on lot of factors, not necessarily only upon the skill set of the person attending the interview. The aim of this article is to unearth the untold secrets for succeeding in any interview and provide a comprehensive guide on how to answer interview questions. Just hang on.

Job InterviewI gathered and organized these tips from my experiences as an interview candidate and as an interviewer :-)

I am sure after reading these interview tips, you will find yourself in a better position as far as succeeding in the job interview.

No, I am not discussing about reaching in time or dress code, instead I share practical and in-depth how to answer interview questions tips which are relevant to you most as an interview candidate.

To begin with, most candidates often prepare only in technical aspects (or the subject that they are working currently), but neglect the other very important areas which actually determines their success at an interview. Surprised? What are those areas then? Let me tell you right away. Follow these 10 tips and let me know about your outcome in the next interview.

Note that, what most interviewers check in the interview is whether the candidate has a positive attitude, willingness to take initiatives and honest in his actions. It’s surprising that most people focus on their technical skills and neglect the very important ‘Life Skills’.Here are the 10 points.

Prepare well about your subject as well about surrounding area. Brush up your knowledge about previous experience as well

You are called for the interview for a particular skill, however, interviewer might (and he will) ask questions regarding other areas as well which indirectly related to your main skill including the details or projects about your previous or earlier companies. It is expected that you understand the big picture not just your role. End to end knowledge is what differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.
So put your heart and brain and learn about the big picture. Brush up your knowledge about previous experiences as well.

Don’t be an answering machine, instead answer naturally

Be a natural communicator filled with expressions, passion for subject and support your answers with related gestures. Don’t give answers like an answering machine which pops out answer for every interview question. It may sound too mechanical.Be yourself. Let the interview know who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone else and convince the interviewer. Be yourself and speak as if you are speaking to a friend who has few questions about your work and professional life. Setting this in mind, calms you down and makes you feel relaxed and you would be surely in better position to face the questions and give the right answers.

Speak Less Say More

You need not speak more while answering but speak less and say more. Answer to the point and give more opportunity to the interviewer to speak. Upon his further inquiry, you can always elaborate or extend your to-the-point answer.

Never Answer in a Hurry

An interview is scheduled exclusively for you,so why give answers in hurry? Let the interviewer ask his questions completely. Take your time to understand what the interviewer wants from you. The more you listen to his questions; you will understand what to answer. Right answers fetch more marks than long answers.

Speak about your achievements, not assignments

Always emphasize on your achievements, not on assignments. Tell the interviewer about the significant goals you achieved, difference you made to the team, awards you won and the appreciations you received.

Keep eye contact

It’s very important to keep eye contact with the interviewer. It shows your confidence and involvement in the whole process.

Explain in simple way – Don’t complicate things

Remember my friend; it is easy to be simple. Explain in simple way regarding the work that you are doing. Always start with larger picture by giving overall idea of the work you are involved with and then go on explaining as per interviewer’s inquiries. Don’t say everything at one shot in which case interviewer will be left with lots of confusions rather than questions.

Dress code doesn’t matter, but your body language does

Let’s break some old rules. Time has evolved, so is dress code. Now-a-days dress code switched to casual mode I don’t suggest you to wear Tie or blazers unless it is stated in the interview letter :-)  However there is no harm at all if you wear a formal dress.

But, your body language matters. A positive and confident body language converts the interview into a successful meeting.

Convert interview into a discussion

Try to keep the interview process similar to a discussion where two people discuss rather than one person interrogates the other.

Don’t jump to any conclusion about interview result during the interview, just participate

Jumping to interview result conclusion during the interview can be fatal. It will pull you off from the focus and you may not be able to answer remaining questions properly. Hence, just concentrate on now and do you part.

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  1. Great stuff. I think body language is one of the most important things, in many aspects of life. Back in our monkey days, that was one of the quickest ways you could ascertain the status of someone else. Did they walk around all slumped over, or were they standing upright and proud?

    Today it really isn’t much different. I have a friend who dresses poorly by conventional standards, but he’s one of the most confident people I know, and everyone treats him as such. His body language and behavior just reeks of confidence.

    Great post!

  2. Fred,
    You are right.
    Thanks for reading the post and your kind comments.

  3. Naveen,
    Really a good article.
    I often have experienced that candidates are too fussy about pay packages than the WIN-WIN situation.
    Can you write an article on this aspect? I would like to share it with my friends, members.

  4. @Avdhut,
    Thanks for reading the post and comments.
    I agree with you. If one starts emphasizing too much on monetary aspects, he might miss the beauty of job involvement and satisfaction. After all it’s the involvement, that makes a person to stick to a job and understanding complete life-cycle of the work is very important in shaping his career.
    I will write a post on that.


  5. I enjoyed the thoughts regarding the skill of answering naturally. We tend to cramp up during interviews, and not be ourselves. Keep it simple, keep it short, and keep it yourself.

  6. Great post. Information rich and delves deep into the untouched subject of painful job interviews. Learned a lot from it.

  7. I totally agree with your post. Applicants should follow it but still, if they fail, they should not lose hope instead they will serve it as a challenge to be better on their next interviews.

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad my post was helpful

  8. really good stuff..
    u cant believe in which situation I am right now. I had no confidence to give any more interview before i read this article. really.. And now after reading this post i am saying myself “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”..

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Arpit,
      I am glad that my tips helped you. Good luck for your next interview. And do share this article with your friends. Take care

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