Free Tool For Managing Your All Passwords

Passwords? Aah, they are tens of them. Nope there are actually hundreds of them. We all have several online accounts and passwords including forums logins, emails , home banking and so on. How do you manage your all these passwords? Is there a secure way of storing these username/passwords?

Answer is here. Check Keepass

Keepass is a free, open source desktop password management tool. Its completely secure, easy to use and you can manage all your passwords efficiently.


Password Management

As you can see in above screenshot, you can create your own groups and keep your username and passwords.

Keepass needs to be downloaded and installed in your machine. It is a desktop application which opens when you issue the master password for the application. So only password you need to remember now onwards is the master password of keepass :-)

Keepass comes in 2 versions. Either you can install in your computer or you can use the portable version as well so that you can carry it in a pen drive or a disk when you are on the move.

So give it a try and end your password management worries :-)



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  1. I am using password manager from a while now and it works good havent tried keepass yet but from the screenshot I can guess it has far more features than password manager.

    • @Raybak
      Keepass is very good tool. You can give a try and compare. If you are convinced , you can switch to Keepass :-)

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