Book Review – Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book completely surprised me and my first impression after reading the book was how did I miss this book so far?

Thanks to a friend who had mentioned about this book sometime back in our friend’s gathering. I had bought the book that time itself but couldn’t read it at home. I wanted to read it at a stretch and absorb as much as possible. However, I was not able to find a reading slot of 4-5 hours as I work full time and in the evenings I spend a bit time on blogging and remaining time with family.

It was my traveling which got me an opportunity to read this book. It was a weekend, and I was supposed to travel by train to my relative’s place. Trains are always my favorite mode of travel because I feel good to peep through the windows and enjoy the view nature while train is on the move. I also get lot of fresh ideas while traveling.

I had reserved the ticket and reached the station well ahead of time and got inside my compartment.

I actually had 2 books with me. One was Rich Dad Poor Dad and the other one was Focus from Leo Babuta. Since Focus Book was uncopyrighted book (Free to share), I had taken the print of the book and wrapped it with a nice binding.

I decided to start with Rich Dad Poor Dad and noticed that it is a bestseller on the topic of wealth building  and is a pretty old book, published way back in 1997. Again, this book did not appear me a time bound book and, of course, a book on topics financial literacy or get rich not necessarily be written for particular generation.

I started with introduction in which Sharon Lechter who is co author of the book gives the background of book’s origin and sets the stage.

I moved on. What amazed me was the narration of the topic by Robert Kiyosaki right from chapter 1. The comparisons of rich dad and poor dad during the narration were so natural and real that, my curiosity for reading doubled and focus sharpened. It was an engaging experience.

Then he teaches various lessons such as financial literacy and inventing money and few other amazing chapters are included. I was reading a amazing book about wealth building which exposed the real secret of how to get rich.

I took out my notebook (which I carry in all the journeys) and decided to take notes. I feel good to take notes while reading something interesting because writing works as a “save” button for me.

Author surprised me when he said that buying home is not an asset, but a liability. I was in shock. Then he reveals the reason behind this statement using simple diagrams. I couldn’t agree more with him. My note book, was now full of action points for myself. I have been a good financial planner but Rich Dad Poor Dad is an eye opener for me. I found I was following few points in the book already but book revealed many secrets about money management which I did not know.

I had finished the book around 9 pm and it was a wonderful journey for me. Those 4 hours that I put in reading the book taught me financial wisdom and much more.

RichDad Poor Dad has great influence on me as it educated me about financial literacy and encouraged me in living the life the way I always wanted. Rich Dad Poor Dad is not just about get rich formula, it’s about understanding difference formal education and financial literacy. No wonder the book is bestseller and I am sure it still sells thousands of copies worldwide.

I thanked the author in my heart for creating such a wonderful book.
Rich Dad Poor Dad has following chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Rich Don’t Work For Money
Chapter 3: Why Teach Financial Literacy
Chapter 4: Mind Your Own Business
Chapter 5: The History of Tax and The Power of Corporation
Chapter 6: The Rich Invent Money
Chapter 7: Work to Learn – Don’t Work for Money
Chapter 8: Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 9: Getting Started
Chapter 10: till Want More? Here are some To Do’s

To end this post, I recommend this book to one and all. Books can change lives. There cannot be a better example than book like Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Hope you liked this review of this timeless book called rich dad and poor dad. Grab this book as soon as possible and experience the change in your financial situation , begin your journey of wealth building and geting rich.




Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (


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