How future advertisements would look like?

Creativity and innovation are touching new heights in advertising business. With stiff competition from business rivals and with growth in technology, companies are adopting new innovative modes of marketing their products. It’s quite interesting to see unusual modes of advertising as well.

We recently saw Volkswagen inserting audio advertisement in a national news paper in India. It was pretty good hit among the readers. Read the full article about it here. When people opened the paper for reading, the implanted pre recorded audio device started speaking. A speaking newspaper. Wow.

Responses from readers were that advertisement was shocking, interesting, and creative and some told they were scared. Result, nobody missed the brand Volkswagen.  In general, advertisement increases popularity of two things. First is the advertised product itself and other is the brand.

Moving further, I thought of few ideas that advertisers or adverting agencies may try out in future to woo the customers. These ideas are crazy, funny and sometimes you may feel that are you on a ‘normal’ blog? Your doubts are valid. But again, there is no right or wrong for innovations. They are just innovations.

Here goes my crazy list of future advertising techniques.

  • Video advertisements in print media: How you feel when you open your morning news paper for reading and suddenly a video starts playing? Pretty crazy right? It may happen in future. I would like to give a link here which could convince you that this can be a reality as well in future. This link has details about sixth sense devices. A scientist named Pranav Mistry explains how he merges digital world with real world and vice versa.
  • Get paid for watching TV advertisements: Why not? When people are getting paid for reading advertisements emails, for reading SMS , why they should not be paid for viewing advertisements in TV? After all television is one of the most powerful media that generates huge popularity of advertised products. Television owners should get paid based on the advertisements they view per month. I am not sure whether it can be monitored that how many hours of advertisements they views. If yes then, this can follow adsense route.This is an original idea from me. Let me know how many of you feel that this is a good/bad/crazy idea?
  • Using Sky as advertising media: Another crazy and original thought from me. What I am talking about here? Though it could be impractical, impossible but not unimaginable. It’s nothing but playing advertisements right up there in the sky in the night. A dark sky playing advertisements? How crazy. Let’s give a serious thought about our current advertising space. It is getting saturated fast horizontally. Let’s go vertical now.I don’t know what technology this sky advertising would require, what is    the cost involved and whether it’s a good idea or not.
  • Free news papers for all: I know this is happening already in some segments and some places. When you receive free newsletters and read millions of blogs for free, why you should pay for your newspaper? Blogs earn money through advertising so as newspapers. This is debatable idea again.

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