Blogging tips for new bloggers

With this article, I am revealing a secret for making your blog hugely popular and drive good blog traffic.

No, I am not going to talk about adding comments to other blogs or submitting to blog directories. I am also not going to discuss about SEO or link building.

What I am going to discuss here is the something which is core of the blog. I am going to reveal it soon but not before this below example. I suggest you to read below example.

Imagine, you have ventured a new restaurant with lot of entheathism and now your aim is to make your restaurant popular.
What you do now? Nobody knows about your restaurant since it’s new. Your immediate aim is to advertise about your restaurant all over the city.

Hold on, there is one more important thing than advertising your restaurant. What is that now?

Your restaurant should have great tasty food to offer. Isn’t it?
This is the one single aspect which can either make or break your restaurant business. Your restaurant may have fancy furniture and interiors but if it does not offer quality food, your customers are likely to move away from your restaurant and chose other places available in the area. After all everything has a purpose. Tasty food is the purpose of restaurant business.

Once you start offering quality food which is liked by most of the people then they do advertisement for you ?
You have done your part and the word of mouth advertisement is powerful and your business will take a high for sure.

Why did I say this short story which may sound strange when I am titled this article has “Real secret for making your blog popular”?
It is the same with blogs as well. Just relate the above restaurant business with your newly created blog. You will start realizing the core purpose of blog.

Some people start blogging for hobby and most of them for earning money with blogging. But I have seen bloggers jump to popularizing activity before they have written enough compelling and connecting articles to share with the rest of the world.
Remember the taste factor in restaurant? Relate the content of your blog to taste factor of the restaurant. It doesn’t matter what design your blog has.

What all matters is the articles in your blog which are the core of your blogging success. If you want to build a high traffic blog, then please create great content which offers a unique value to your visitors. Your visitors are going to spread the word if they like it. Spreading the word in blogosphere is faster than spreading the word in real life. We all know this already.

So don’t worry about your blog not becoming popular. Don’t worry if your Google analytics graph is not fascinating. These things will turn in your blog’s favor eventually.

Just focus on producing compelling content. Readers will find out your blog somehow. Thanks to Google for making the world so small and connected.

If you are planning to earn money through blogging then you must write lots of articles which have valuable content within them. Title your blog posts properly by doing a little research on Google Keyword search tool. But don’t spend much time in these things in the initial days.

No matter what your blogging niche is. If your article connects with the readers, then nobody can stop your blog from becoming popular.

Once you have written a good numbers of posts let us say a 100 or 150, you can start the activity of popularizing. This activity can start; let us say after 8 or 10 months after you start your blog.

For full time bloggers, it could be even 3 months. Some blogs have quite less articles but the quality of the content is driving high traffic to those blogs.

Do the basic groundwork. Submit your blog (including the XML site maps) to Google, the big lens on internet. It will index your blog and find your articles. Apart from writing nice to read articles, another aspect which can benefit you in your long term success with blogging is your web based skills and knowledge.

I suggest you to spend some time on learning basics of CSS, Photoshop and HTML if you don’t already know it. These skills help you in customizing your blog and building a brand for your blog.

Your blog is your business brand. It must be unique to distinguish it from the rest. Photoshop is wonderful software which can help you in producing your own blog.You must know that where your blog files are located in your hosting server. I mentioning about this because most of the bloggers use the blog templates for the blog and it is really good if they know the structure of blogging programs such as sidebars or footers or any other element of program. Believe me it’s easy to learn and its fun. Just get a FTP client and login to your account. You can see the structure of your blog.

About your blog design, keep it as simple as possible. Make sure that it’s kept simple not a boring one. So don’t hurry for build blog traffic immediately when you start your new blog. Success never happens overnight. It is achieved over the time and through hard work.

You have wide array of tools for making your blog popular or building traffic. But there is no tool which writes articles for you unless you hire a personal robot for you ?

You can see that even this blog is fairly young blog and I have myself and few others who can write good content when requested in their niches. They will be part of this blog as guest bloggers and mostly they will write articles about Art and music and I will be focusing on writing about personal development and sharing my experiences. I have long term goals with this blog and contacted few people who have great interest in sharing their success stories. Who doesn’t want to become popular?

I hope I have shared the secret for your blogging success. So what are you waiting for? Open your blogging software and start writing a new post.

About the Author: Naveen Kulkarni is founder and primary author of Winning Ideas.  You can follow him on Twitter.



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (


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  3. That was wonderful for newbie like me. Though I am in online training since last 4 years, recently I have started blogging and I must say that this is useful to me.

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