25 tips for becoming super performer in your job

You have been working since quite long time in your job career. You feel that you are quite good in work. How ever, you are not getting expected promotion or raise or sometimes even recognition. What could be the reason?



Read below points and check whether you are doing these things are not. If not, give a try.These points don’t limit themselves to any

specific industry or job position. They are universal. Some tips are simple, and some are humorous :-) Read on.

Transform yourself from an under-performer to super-performer in 25 (easy) ways.

  1. Reach office early
  2. Buy a diary and note down your today’s task and priorities or better , use notes in computer if you work on computer.
  3. Clarify everything before you start actual work.
  4. Ask questions. Don’t assume things.
  5. Participate in meetings.
  6. Don’t miss conference calls- Be an active participant.
  7. Make good colleagues.
  8. Always help others. This transforms you into a leader.
  9. Look people in eye.
  10. Smile when you meet any colleague.
  11. Dress well.
  12. Buy a good perfume.
  13. Create official email signature.
  14. Decorate your desk.Good desk creates good work atmosphere.
  15. Automate things.
  16. Maintain statistics of what you work on daily basis. Some or the other day you need it to prove your point.
  17. Put Out of office replies when on vacation.
  18. Take initiative.
  19. Never work in isolation.Always publish your results.
  20. Test and publish your results frequently. Don’t wait till the end.
  21. Spend free time in learning surrounding area of your ‘CORE’ work.
  22. Take interviews.
  23. Be ready for critisism. Dont worry, its a sign that you are moving up in the ladder because you are held responsible for some work. Accept and correct your mistake. Thats it.
  24. Work smart and balance your work life and personal life. Don’t make it a habit of staying late in office every day. I am sure you need not since you have read point 1 already :-)
  25. Well done. You are on your way for becoming a super performer.


Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (https://nvisiondigital.in)


  1. Mahesh.Saradeshapande

    Very good tips

  2. Vishwanath

    Naveen, Very good tips in simple english. Easily understandable for every one.

  3. Nagesh

    Great tips for sure help for a bright progress

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