Life 1.0

Hello folks. I am back from my unauthorized absenteeism from the blog :-)

My sincere apologies for the same.

You know folks, when we look back at our own lives,we feel strange and surprised that how things changed around us.

With rapid developments in electronics and computer technologies, we have everything at our fingertips. No debates on this.

Lifestyle has changed. Our definition of “Comfort” has changed. What we used to say “Comfortable” 5 years ago is now no more the same. We rather say its “Outdated” or to be more technical…”Old Version”.

Every now and then new models are being introduced, whether its car or television or bikes or laptops. Not to forget, aggressively marketed and people “Upgrade” their existing equipment to “Latest” version.

I think its time to reveal the fact that why I started to write this blog or what is the purpose of this article. Actually I already started sharing the purpose. It’s all about so called “Upgrade”. It’s about so called “Latest Version”

Folks, have we ever asked a question to ourselves, what actually makes us happy?

Have we ever noticed that why we run behind materialized things thinking that it gives us happiness?

Have we ever stopped getting tempted when we noticed a latest version gadget?

Where I am going with this article? Let me simplify.

We are heading towards an addiction which I would like to name as Virtual Happiness.

That means, we are creating an illusion of happiness which is not only momentarily but also comes at a (high) cost.

We buy latest gadget thinking that it makes us happy. It does make us happy only until next version arrives.

Again, we run behind getting that version.

Have you ever noticed that happiness you are experiencing by upgrading your gadget to new version, fades down within months and you start regretting that why did you buy this as a new version has arrived already. Is not this true?

What I am saying doesn’t just apply to gadgets; it applies to your cars, your laptops it applies to many things.

Time has changed, technology has changed. Lifestyles have changed. But the source of happiness has not changed. We are creating a new virtual happiness and thus by masking the real happiness.

So when do we actually experience real happiness then?

Happiness lies in creating.

Have you ever done a painting of your own?

Have you ever given an advice to aspiring student?

Have you ever composed your own music song?

Have you created your own new software product which actually can solve many people’s problems?

Have you ever created something new which never existed before?

How did you feel when you did any of these things? I am sure it’s a more fulfilling and long lasting happiness feeling.

I must say that these things need time, take time but its worth because it is created by you. It’s your own creative child.

I recall a famous saying “Happiness lies in small things”.

What we used to do when mobiles were not invented?

How we used to feel happy when motion gaming never born?

Why we were so healthy when nobody had even heard of treadmills.

Were we not happy and content that time?

We were. Probably more than what we are right now.

So. Folks.  It’s time to slow down a little in your life.

Its time to regain that real happiness.

It’s time to stop that carried away feeling when you see the latest version of your favorite gadget.

It’s time to take your painting brush and canvas.

It’s time to switch off your television and go for a walk and hear the sound of real birds.

It’s time to stop changing your desktop wallpaper and go out and smell the fresh flower and enjoy its creation.

It’s time to stop playing 3d games and go to the nearest playground and awaken child in you by playing a real game and becoming healthy.

It’s time to stop being virtual.

It’s time to get real.

It’s time to go back to old version of life.

It’s time to create something new.

Have a real evening.

I am here posting my own poem which I wrote several years ago.

A lost soul

Man created machines for his own use

In turn, machines turned him of no use

Discoveries take place every new morning

Who cares about nature’s warning?

Natural things have come to a standstill

Everyone thinks now digital

Man calls himself as independent

In real, he is now machine dependent

In the forest of machines…

On a gifted planet called earth

A search has begun

For a soul called human



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (


  1. Aparna

    Well said Naveen!! I agree with you .

  2. Rahul Kulkarni

    Awesome poem Naveen… And it’s actually true…. Man has become a lost soul……

  3. this is awesome man

  4. harinath arasu

    Very good thoughts about life shared well :)

  5. Arvind

    well said..naveen! ..good article..

  6. sandesh

    Sir, Nice Article. Its good to enjoy life with simplicity, than to run behind material things.

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