Ten Tips For Achieving Great Success In Your Job

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary – Donald Kindall

Top ten tips for professional growth

What is professional growth? How to enjoy your work and advance in your career? What are the actions you need to take? Here are the Ten sure shot tips. Read on.

Growth is something which you compare you with yourself over the period of time. Have you found a difference in yourself in terms of the results you achieved. Have you noticed more maturity in your working style compared to your earlier days. Have you constantly being looked as a valuable employee? Professional growth is all about maturing the way you function to achieve organization goals. Why it is so important? Because when you grow professionally, you actually grow personally as well. I have clubbed below points for your reference and you can apply them to your current job. Note that these are not rules but are the series of steps which will lead you for personal growth and eventually turn you into a great employee.

1. If you are a new joiner to an organization, everything is new to you including the environment, people, practices, culture. Once your introduction or induction program, its time to you to start participating. Here are 3 important actions you need to take to get familiar with new organization. Speak, Ask and Discuss. Follow these actions and you will come to know about the working atmosphere. Know who your supervisor is and speak with him on day-1 about your roles and responsibilities. Please don’t leave any communication gap else it would create a not so good first impression.
2. One of the important practices that put you in right place in the professional career is your punctuality and regularity. I feel punctuality is more important than regularity. Be on time at your work. It makes you available and approachable and gives a good boost to your career.

3. Learning is one of the most important aspects of one’s professional career. Learning is a skill in itself. One has to apply different techniques while learning different aspects. For example, if one is learning a CAD Software such as AutoCAD or ProEngineer or Data warehousing Tools as part of project training, what he needs to observe is the various menus and options and screens. He should note down the menu hierarchies and screen pop ups, because CAD and DWH works on manus not by programming. On the other hand if one is learning a new programming language, he needs to understand various programming constructs, practice them and read the code snippet and understand those. Use Google to learn about code snippets. Be smart learner not slow learner. Treat Google as your personal tutor. Believe me its more powerful than you think. I have learnt many skills by watching you tube videos alone.  Thanks to Google. While you learn, maintain a nice large sized diary which can accommodate your notes. Avoid using small notebooks which you may end up replacing quite often and may lose as well.

4. Dress well and look well groomed.

5. Be a team player and don’t indulge in office politics. I have seen this happening in various organizations. Let me tell you guys, doing tricky politics can get you temporary high but over the time it’s the work and attitude that wins the race. Politics will bite you back over the time.

6. Communicate your achievements. Don’t just work and wait for rewards. It doesn’t get you much mileage. You need to make sure that your achievements are seen by proper people. To make this happen, use communication/presentation tools such as emails and conducting a presentation of your work and speaking in meetings about your work. Remember, no work is small work. Every work is important as it could have a great value in terms of dependency.

7. Speak up in meetings. Top management likes the people who speak and communicate. When I say speak, it doesn’t mean that start complaining about things. Yes if its genuine issue, approach your supervisor and ask for a resolution. In meetings, you should speak about the issues you are facing while working on the project or extracts about a client interaction details or anything related to project. Message here is don’t keep quite. Keeping quite puts you last in the race no matter how hard you working.

8. Respect your organizational values. Don’t speak badly about the company. It’s the place which is earning you bread and butter. Every organization will have its own merits and demerits. What’s important to you is how good your team is because you will be working in teams.

9. Take ownership of tasks.This is the most important I must say in achieving professional growth. When you take ownership of some piece of work, it generates interest within you. This interest fuels your ability to work upon the task. It puts you into an important position in the race and when you complete your owned work, it generates a wonderful peace within you. Taking ownership will lead you to way to leadership.

10. Never stop learning. You need to upgrade yourself constantly. It could be your technical skills or management skills or certifications. I give you an example here. If you are a web programmer with loads of experience in ASP programming, you should definitely upgrade yourself to .NET platform, because technologies are rapidly changing. Software product companies are releasing new features more rapidly than ever before. Growth of social networking and Artificial intelligence applications demand much latest tools and skills to be used while developing. So keep an eye on trends and upgrade your skills. How to upgrade? Find a tutor nearby or just login to you tube and find a video and switch on your speaker and take a notepad in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and start learning.



Naveen is a personal development enthusiast, life explorer, curiosity seeker and recently turned into an internet entrepreneur after leaving his 20-year-old (or young) IT career. He now runs a digital growth company called nvision digital (https://nvisiondigital.in)


  1. Good tips. I especially like the one on punctuality. That has caused some people where I work some hassle. It is just best to show up when you are suppose to since that increases your reliability.

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Hi Steve,
      I am glad that you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  3. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

  4. naveen

    Hi WordPress Themes. I checked your website. Awesome themes


    Good tips Naveen! The point number 10 is of greater relevence. In some organisations, there could be environment of some laid back attitude and people tend to take it easy and dont take time to learn.

    There is good saying, “If you are not Updated, you are Outdated”.
    You are responsible for your succss or failure no matter what the environment is.
    However, saying is much more easier than actually doing it. If needs laser sharp focus and attention, irrespective of numerous distractions one faces across every phase of the day.
    Good luck Everyone!

  6. Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  7. Good Points Naveen. Love th point 7 Employees should speak up and contribute meaningfully this will make them noticed and respected.

  8. Kunle

    I like this.

  9. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  10. Mahesh.Saradeshapande

    Hello Naveen,
    Very good tips tto grow.

    • naveen

      Thanks Mahesh for visiting my blog. Keep watching for more articles.

  11. I agree with that 100%! Action makes things happen. No one actually learned just to walk without taking step one.

  12. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  13. I prefer to bring breaks in the course of the my working day and browse by means of some blogs to determine what people are speaking about. This blog site appeared in my searches and i could not assist clicking on it. I’m happy that I did simply because it was a very fascinating go through.

    Also welcome you!

  14. Vishwanath

    Good one, Especially about office politics, Really it is short term gain. Be honest to the organisation you are working for & follow the ethics of the Organisation. It is complete which makes an organisation growth. Be a team player.

  15. i strongly agree especially with number 3, makes all the sense in the world
    keep it up :))

  16. @Farouk
    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Have a great day

    Naveen Kulkarni

  17. Taking ownership is really critical when you are into management related job. For people who are into more technical stuff, helping co-workers out is a nice thing. Thanks Naveen for the writeup.
    Thanks, Jake. i win him back | get ex back

  18. Bargavi Ramachandran

    thank youso much. these tips are so good and so practical. i think these steps should be followed not only in an office but in any organisation to which we belong.

  19. Very well written!!I agree with all the points written in this article and it is very important for us to understand and practice these simple tips.
    Very important is taking ownership, one should be responsible for his own work.Also team work, being a good team player, being able to mentor new comers, etc. is a big big plus too and must be religiously done!!

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      I am glad that you found this post valuable.


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